Favorite Music from 2012

Being the son of a music teacher/church organist/church pianist, I have had to listen to, play, and sing songs whether I wanted to or not virtually all of my life. Though in Junior High it definitely had its negatives (being known as a ‘choir boy’ can get you beat up if you aren’t careful), overall I am grateful for the ‘music culture’ I was raised in. I love music. I love how the LORD uses music to affect my soul. I love music with rich, solid, and biblical theology in it.


This is why, at the end of 2012, my favorite two songs are “All I Have is Christ” and “Behold Our God.” Both are by Sovereign Grace Music and both are just remarkable modern-day hymns of the faith. You can get both songs on the same album here. Check out the lyrics:

“All I Have Is Christ”

I once was lost in darkest night
Yet thought I knew the way
The sin that promised joy and life
Had led me to the grave
I had no hope that You would own
A rebel to Your will
And if You had not loved me first
I would refuse You still

But as I ran my hell-bound race
Indifferent to the cost
You looked upon my helpless state
And led me to the cross
And I beheld God’s love displayed
You suffered in my place
You bore the wrath reserved for me
Now all I know is grace

Hallelujah! All I have is Christ
Hallelujah! Jesus is my life

Now, Lord, I would be Yours alone
And live so all might see
The strength to follow Your commands
Could never come from me
Oh Father, use my ransomed life
In any way You choose
And let my song forever be
My only boast is You

“Behold Our God” 

Who has held the oceans in His hands
Who has numbered every grain of sand
Kings and nations tremble at His voice
All creation rises to rejoice

Behold our God seated on His throne
Come let us adore Him
Behold our King nothing can compare
Come let us adore Him!

Who has given counsel to the Lord
Who can question any of His Words
Who can teach the One who knows all things
Who can fathom all His wondrous deeds

Who has felt the nails upon His hands
Bearing all the guilt of sinful man
God eternal humbled to the grave
Jesus, Savior risen now to reign!

Men: You will reign forever!
Women: Let Your glory fill the earth

Yeah, I know. Incredible. Your soul will thank you if you go ahead and download these songs to your iPod.

Some other songs I should mention that had an affect on my soul this year are Paul Baloche’s “Loved By You,” Dennis Jernigan’s “It’s Gonna Be Alright,” and Lincoln Brewster’s “More than Amazing.”

A new group I have really enjoyed this year is Gungor. Their music is definitely different – but incredibly solid, deep, and rich theologically. All their music is great, but perhaps you have heard their song “Beautiful Things” on the radio. It would be well worth your time to give ’em a listen.

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4 thoughts on “Favorite Music from 2012

  1. Ilene Harral says:

    I always love the old hymns but may have to listen to some of these new ones. Thanks, Ilene Harral

    Sent from my iPad

  2. J.B. says:

    Matt, I must add “Jesus, Friend of Sinners” by Casting Crowns to this list. I heard this for the first time right after our pastor gave a sermon about how the church treats outsiders, pointing fingers, not showing the love that Christ modeled for us… Literally, walked out of the church, started the engine, and that song started playing. I think every church member in America needs to read the lyrics to that song. We would be more effective if those words would change our attitudes toward other people, as the Words on red were supposed to.

  3. Richard McClendon says:

    I have always loved music and still do.  Would you explain to me, why all the music ministers want to change up the songs.  Some are more like jazz and you could dance to them.



    • J.B. says:


      I can’t speak for all music ministers, but I can tell you what I think it is from personal experience. I grew up in a Southern Baptist church, so I know all the old hymns by heart. However, that is not always the case. The church exists to win souls, grow them, and then send them out (we are all missionaries, just not necessarily in a foreign country). But you have to start with that “winning” part. The people that we are “winning” don’t really have a church background, so they don’t know any of the old songs. And they are used to secular music, which we must admit is immensely different from that of the old hymns. If they come to church, and old, organ-based music is playing, they are likely to drift off. So, when a music minister changes songs, they are doing it for the good of the congregation as a whole. It keeps us old schoolers happy because we are singing the songs we grew up on. And it touches a younger generation because those scriptural lyrics are hitting their ears to music that fits more closely to the music that they listen to. It is a missional thing. Even though the MESSAGE never changes, the “methods” often have to, if you want to reach the most people possible. I hope this helps.


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