What On Earth Am I Here For?


Hopefully most FBCers know by now that on February 10th – we are starting a 6 week campaign called “What On Earth Am I Here For?” It is, of course, based off of Rick Warren’s revised – 10th Anniversary edition – Purpose Driven Life and 40 Days of Purpose material.

Why do it?

Today, while eating at one of El Dorado’s local eating establishments, I told the waitress I was going to thank God for my food and ask the blessin’ (it’s what we do down South!) and that I would like to pray for her. I asked her if there was anything going on that I could pray for her about.

Here’s what she said (amidst holding back tears):

– She just moved here.

– Just started this job as a waitress.

– Her 1 year old child was just taken by DHS (for reasons she didn’t disclose).

– She got the news her child was taken by DHS her first day on the job.

– She desperately wants her child back.

– She is currently looking for a place to stay and a place to belong.

Let me spell it out for us: She is longing to know “WHAT ON EARTH SHE IS HERE FOR”!!!!! So I invited her to come and learn with us what God says about this.

FBC: There are men and women all over this city longing to know why God put them here. God has spoken and revealed His plan for us. Knowing it and trusting it brings so much freedom and peace and life and joy. Let me urge you to be intentional about inviting people to join us over the next few weeks leading up to this. So many want to know. The main obstacle between them knowing and not knowing is our inviting them to join us.

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