Now THAT’s a Good Question!!! (Post Super Bowl Edition)

Monday morning is where I present a question posed to me over the weekend regarding a biblical topic or concern or issue. I normally get numerous questions before, during, and after church.

However (wouldn’t you just know it!), no questions came yesterday. There are others I have had recently that I considered entertaining here, but I decided to pose a question of my own choosing based on what I observed while watching the Super Bowl last night. . . . Here goes. . .

Where are the classy ladies??????

Or, to say it another way: “Where in the world are women who have any sense of class?”

To quote Charlie Brown, “GOOD GRIEF!”

I was surprisingly hopeful after Alicia Keys and Jennifer Hudson sang (and presented themselves) with class in the Pre-game honoring of our country.

But that was it. . . I mean, IT!

From commercials to half time to the first 15 seconds of the show that came on immediately following the Super Bowl – there was nothing but the sheer opposite of women with class.


Though I am tempted to rant here about what I (shamefully) allowed my eyes to see last night, my deepest burden here is to make a plea. A plea for class. A plea for ladies who know and love Jesus to be women of class. I have two boys and a young girl. If you ladies don’t present yourself with class – where will they learn what it looks like? Sure they have their mom – who is drenched with class – but is it too much to dream for a culture, a classy culture, of women who serve as joy-filled, free, and life-giving, class-saturated role models????

I know it’s not all your fault. My purpose is not to point fingers. My purpose is to make a plea with ladies out there who know what Proverbs 31 says and what Jesus and Paul say about women. Sure, some would argue that what the Bible says to women is binding. But would you not agree that what you observed last night has made women at least look like slaves?? If that’s not binding, I don’t know what is.

Someone reading this has probably thought to themselves at this point, “Well Pastor Matt, you should have known – why in the world did you allow yourself to watch that trash anyway?” And that too is a good question. But I want you to hear me (or read me!): I know it’s out there. Okay, I get that. It was confirmed oh too well last night. We know what’s out there.

But my plea HERE is for ladies to intentionally provide an atmosphere and culture of what a genuine woman of class looks like. Oh how we need classy ladies to be intentional with this and be intentional in leading their daughters in this and intentional in discipling and modeling for other young women in this. I fear the problem is not just what IS out there – but what’s NOT out there. We know what IS out there; but do our young guys and girls know the biblical alternative – what real class looks like? I fear Christian women are not intentionally demonstrating what genuine class looks like – and if we don’t do it NOW, those coming up behind us will NEVER know.

Where are the classy ladies??????

If you’re here – rise up and make yourself known!

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11 thoughts on “Now THAT’s a Good Question!!! (Post Super Bowl Edition)

  1. Magen says:

    AMEN, Matt! I had eight 12 year olds and a six year old at my house watching last night and had to switch to the Puppy Bowl 30 seconds in. We tend to be numb to this, but this is not what I would envision as God’s idea of a Proverbs 31 woman. We must combat what society is telling us is good. Daunting task for a parent.

  2. Judy says:

    Amen here also!

  3. Ashley Nash says:

    Thanks for your post, Matt. I agree with a lot of what you have to say here. As a woman, and also as a mama who is raising two little women, these issues are important ones to me, and I’m glad you are taking the time to address them. Hoping you’re up for a little push-back though?

    I was also left slack jawed last night at some of the things I saw, particularly the commercials, and especially the half-time show (and I would call myself a Beyonce fan). And I agree with you that there is a desperate need for a portrayal of women that doesn’t require us to shield our children’s eyes when it’s shown on TV. But what I’m getting from your post is that this is an issue for women, and women alone, to address. And that’s where I disagree with you.

    When we have a culture that tells women, on what could be considered the most “manly” night of the year, this is how you’re allowed to be a part of it (in Beyonce’s case, gyrating on stage in little more than her underwear), then the problem isn’t just a women’s problem. When we have a societal structure where overly eroticized and sexualized versions of women in commercials is what sells a company’s products on the biggest advertising night of the year, it isn’t just a women’s problem. When the Super Bowl itself causes a spike in human sex trafficking in the US b/c of the rise of sex for pay that surrounds the event, then it isn’t just a women’s problem. A structural evil like the one that objectifies and devalues women in the way we saw last night is not just a result of women and poor clothing choices, and if we’re going to have a conversation about changing the culture that produces it, then it’s a conversation not just for women, but men too.

    There is very much a “man” factor here, and so when you say “my plea here is for ladies to intentionally provide an atmosphere and culture of what a genuine woman of class looks like”, my hope is that you feel just as burdened to make this exact same plea for counter-culturism (as it relates to women) toward men (maybe you were planning that for tomorrow’s post : ) ?). Thanks again for addressing it…I hear your heart and very much appreciate it, hope you hear mine too.

    • Ashley,

      I am so grateful for your words and so appreciate your ‘push back.’ I totally, 100% agree with everything you say in your comment. In my mind, the male aspect is a given. It shouldn’t have been, mind you, but it was/is a given when I wrote the post. By given, I mean this: The reason the ladies act/dress/behave this way is due to us super-high testosteroned and perverted jerk males ‘demanding’ this sort of thing.
      So, yes, I agree. It is a MALE thing as much as and probably much more so than a woman thing. Totally.

      The purpose of what I wrote this morning was not in any way go off and accuse women of ‘causing all this.’ No, no, no, no. Not at all.

      My purpose was to encourage classy Christian women – such as yourself, my wife, and many others to keep it up and be more intentional than ever about demonstrating and communicating what a classy woman is. In another sense, it was a plea for those who do know the truth, but haven’t thought much about it, to step up and be a biblically classy lady.

      I hope NO ONE read my post as me ‘going off’ on women and ‘blaming’ women for all of this. I promise, that was NOT my intent. I did not even want to begin casting blame. Whoever’s fault it is, we are where we are.

      Again, due to the circumstances, I simply plea with the ladies of class to rise up!

  4. Ilene Harral says:

    You have hit the nail on the head again and have spoken for me, Matt. There was a popular video going around a few years ago of a precious little baby girl shaking and dancing and singing “If You LIke it You Shoulda Put A Ring on it,” and I could have cried at the innocence lost. That baby was imitating what she saw, and her parents thought it was cute. You are right about your wife having class and dignity, but she is also warm and friendly. There is hope yet if some of you younger parents keep trying. I always say times change but morals never do.

  5. Brandi Connor says:

    Thank you for putting my thoughts into writing! I was just disturbed last week by a video posted by a mom of her 4 year old daughter dancing very inappropriately to a popular song that contains filthy language and inappropriate content. It was deemed as “so cute!!”. Trying to raise 2 Godly daughters the best way I can and keep them surrounded by Godly women, who set a good example.

  6. We are on a road trip & Wallace decided that it was time to walk the dogs! He said that was disgusting & was he suppose to be enjoying it. I was surprised that she chose to be so provocative after all the hype from her past performance.

  7. Amy Hodge says:

    The sad thing is that one of the members of Destiny’s Child, Michelle, has put out several gospel albums. What a terrible way to represent them.

  8. do-jo says:

    um… women don’t dress like strippers and dance for other women… they do it for the MEN in the audience. even you admit that you (shamefully) watched. that’s why women do it… because it works.

  9. Richard McClendon says:

    Hello Matt,      The church is the perfect example as to dress.  Look how the women and men dress in church today, compared to the 50’s.  We of the church set the example, who is to blame, we are.



    • Debra Hammond says:

      I’ve finally found ur blog!!!!
      Amen and Amen! As a mother who raised two beautiful Godly women, it was a constant struggle to find clothes that reflected their faith and yet still be in ” style”! Their daddy once commented on the length of their shorts in Aug which meant it was the last of the season and they had grown! Oh well, no excuse there! Grin
      I thank God for every sermon I’ve had the opportunity to hear and more so for your deep love of God and His truth!! I’m one of your fans and pray for you and your family daily!

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