Now THAT’s a Good Question!

It’s Valentines Week here in El Dorado and, I guess,  the rest of the world (do they celebrate Valentines Day around the world???) and you know what that means. . .images-1

  • it means we spend a week totally contradicting everything we’ve said to our kids about not having a ‘boyfriend’ or a ‘girlfriend.’ 
  • it means if we didn’t blow our New Year’s Resolution Diet during the Super Bowl then we are certain to blow it with chocolate this week.
  • it means a lot of Junior High boys will be breaking up with their girlfriends on Wednesday in hopes to get back with them on Friday (so not to have to purchase a V-Day gift).
  • it means bringing back hateful, bitter, and frustrating memories of all the Valentines Days you spent alone in High School and College while your best friend had the time of their life at Pizza Hut followed by watching the VHS version of ‘The Little Mermaid’ with their significant other and their parents.
  • it means that the price of roses will mysteriously jump 800% this week and miraculously go back down next Monday.
  • it means reservations at all the good restaurants are already booked through the weekend, so Denny’s it is . . . again this year.
  • it means pretending that we like to eat the chalky-like, initiate-the-gag-relflex hearts that have cheesy messages on them.
  • it means not finding the ‘perfect’ card that simply does not exist anymore at Wal-Mart on Thursday morning after you take the kids to school (why can’t they restock them the Wednesday night BEFORE Valentines Day. . . Geez!).
  • it means, everywhere you look, there are signs of LOVE (insert Barry White voiceover here).

It also means it’s time for an attempted answer at a question that came up last week. Due to being a pastor as well as events surrounding my own personal life, the following inquiry has emerged several times in recent days:

What does a wife MOST need from her husband???

What is it? What is the number one need of a woman from her husband? I’m not talking love language here. I am talking the deepest, below the language level, heart need a wife needs from her dude. What is it?

Ready? Here goes. . .

(Insert Barry White voice again)


That’s it. That’s the big one! (Did anyone catch that Clark Griswold thing I did there?)

Seriously, it is. Just listen to what God said through Paul to husbands in Ephesus:

“Husbands, love your wives. . . ” (Eph. 5:25)

“. . . husbands should love their wives. . . ” (Eph. 5:28)

“. . . let each one of you love his wife . . . ” (Eph. 5:33)

I wonder what point Paul is trying to make here?? Hmmmmmmmm.

Guys, how are you doing here?

Let me speculate for a second. I am guessing that you have probably spent more time recently thinking about what ‘else’ you could get her for V-Day that you haven’t done before than you have contemplating how you can best LOVE her.

[NOTE: I am NOT saying do not get her anything for V-Day. Big mistake. Get her something. Anything. Chocolate. Balloons. Flowers. Card. Blender. Vacuum. Bird Feeder. Guinea Pig Cage. Anything. My point here is NOT not to get her anything.]

Perhaps the best thing you can get your spouse for Valentines Day this is year is something you never tell her what you are committing to do: study her so you can know how to best love her (again, see NOTE above please).

Our wives need love from their husbands more than any other thing. Not the way their friends are loved. Not the way the people on TV or at the movies are loved. Not the way our mommy’s and daddy’s showed love (GROSS!). No. The way she is wired to be loved.

Husbands, how are you doing here? Seriously, how ’bout it?




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