What We Church People Can Learn from Cinnamon Bread



All three of my children love the bread pictured above. LOVE it.

They love the CINNAMON bread part.

NOT the cinnamon RAISIN part.

A couple of years ago, yours truly was dumb enough to start taking the raisins out when we had this for breakfast so they would eat it. Yeah, dumb huh?

You know what that means – the precedent has been set. Now when the bread is served . . . no raisins.

Before you judge me (you should, but still . . . ) you ought to see the looks on their faces when they do find a raisin in their mouth. Have you ever seen a dog get a bug in its mouth? Have you ever seen Clark Griswold eat the turkey his cousin Eddie’s wife fixed for Christmas Eve dinner? Have you ever seen three children dry heave all at the same time after gagging for several seconds?

Okay then – it’s not ALL bad that the raisins are taken out.

I have been serving the bread less and less for breakfast. As a matter of fact, the only reason I did it today was due to the fact that we had NOTHING else in the house! N-O-T-H-I-N-G. It was this kind of bread, dog food, or leftover fish tacos from last night. So I went with the bread.

Why have I been serving it less and less you ask?


I’m not bitter. Seriously. I’m dealing with my issues.

Whoever is in charge of getting the raisins in that bread at the Nature’s Own factory should get a raise. There are raisins EVERYWHERE. In the middle, on the sides, under the crust, mixed with the cinnamon swirls, in the packaging, etc. EVERYWHERE.

When they advertise ‘Cinnamon Raisin Swirl Bread’ they mean it. When you buy ‘Cinnamon Raisin Swirl Bread’ from Nature’s Own – you get a lot of cinnamon, a lot of raisins, and some bread mixed in. To make it palatable for my 3 little bundles of joy I have to get up around 2:30 am to start taking out the raisins (okay, slight exaggeration . . . but still).

What’s the point? When Nature’s Own says that when you get their ‘Cinammon Raisin Swirl Bread‘ they mean it. They promise and then OVER DELIVER.

Oh how the church can learn from this!!!

I fear we are so guilty of either not promising and not delivering; or worse: promising something but severely UNDER delivering.

What do people who are seeking God get when they come to our churches? What do people who are ‘shopping’ for a church get when the visit our churches? Do they walk in with expectations to be wowed with gracious people who have been overwhelmed by a real and loving God only to leave disappointed and empty? Or do they walk in with huge expectations and leave blown away at how their hopes have been exceeded?

Nature’s Own gets it. I hope we do.

There’s a lot more at stake for people leaving our churches than a raisin pickin’ daddy and three little happy tastebuds.



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3 thoughts on “What We Church People Can Learn from Cinnamon Bread

  1. Ilene Harral says:

    Matt, you are a good writer and very funny. Thanks for making me laugh and know I am not alone in hating raisins! How many thousands of good cookies have been ruined by secretly slipping in the raisins?

  2. Connie says:

    In reality, this company makes just a Cinnamon Swirl Bread with NO raisins. I believe that’s what I’d buy. 🙂 But, your illustration is great. 🙂

  3. […] What We Church People Can Learn From Cinnamon Bread. My friend Matt Pearson is the master of bringing truth out of the mundane. I’m pretty sure that’s a talent. […]

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