Now THAT’s a Good. . . Comment!

So I was just wondering what in the world I was going to ‘fake’ my way through this morning because no ‘good’ questions came across my ears, desk, knees or toes (knees or toes!) this week.

Sure, I’ve had the usual ‘preacher’ questions:

“How long is the sermon going to be this morning?”

“Are we going to be out tonight in time to watch ‘Duck Dynasty’ reruns. . .um. . . I mean, ‘the Bible’ on TV?”

“Can someone turn the air up, please?”

“Can someone turn the air down, please?”images

“Who’s doing the offertory prayer?”

“Can we sing more hymns?”

“Can we sing more praise choruses?”

“Can you make sure there is more TP in the Senior Adult ladies bathroom?”

You get the point. Those are normal and they aren’t very fun. What I mean is, I can’t recall any deep/theological/make your brain explode/divide the church/”if God is sovereign, then why. . .?” type questions.

I thought about just talking about me. . . (hey, it’s MY blog!).

But God graciously intervened (for my ego’s sake and your reading pleasure).

A few minutes ago I made a phone call to the Little Rock Heart Hospital to check on one of our ‘more mature’ members who was admitted Saturday evening. Her son answered and gave me a report:

– port in her heart

– kidneys not doing well at all

– fluid in and around lungs

– 2 leaky valves

– can’t do heart surgery

– gonna start dialysis and see what happens

To put it mildly: this precious church member ain’t doin’ so hot.

She was rushed to the hospital via ambulance Saturday due to heart problems. I’m no medical doctor, but when an ambulance rushes you to Little Rock (2 and a half hours away) to a building that has “HEART” written in big letters on the side – uh oh.

Then her son told me this (write this down, this is good): “Pastor Matt, when my wife and I finally got here Saturday evening, the first thing she told us was that somebody needs to let the church know ASAP. She said she was supposed to be a greeter on Sunday morning and didn’t want her ‘door’ to go unattended.”

Yeah, she did. She was freaking out about neglecting a responsibility to be a greeter.

Not, “somebody needs to let the church know so that they can come and visit me.”

But, “somebody needs to let the church know I may not make it in the morning (understatement), that my kidneys, heart, and lungs are struggling and I won’t quite be able to make it to serve as a greeter at my door.”

Not, “someone serve me for once!”

But, “I am fretting because I can’t fulfill a service commitment to the church and my Lord!”

Let me spell it out for us: She gets it. Pray for her. Her name is Madelyn. Then pray I ‘get it’ like that. Pray her tribe increases.

Now THAT was a good . . .um. . . comment.

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