I Had $80,000 In My Hands Yesterday. . .

. . . and I didn’t give it to missions.

What is that about?images

What kind of Christian do you think you are?

What kind of ‘Radically Intentional’ pastor do you consider yourself?

$80,000. Do you know how that could have been used to reach the unreached around the world?

Poo Poo on Pearson.

Yeah. Wednesday night, FBC El Dorado voted to put up a projection system in our sanctuary. A generous gentlemen in the congregation stirred it all up by wanting to pay for it all himself. The vote passed. He brought me a cashier’s check. It’s in the bank and the projection people are now being paid to come and install.

So, for about 2 minutes yesterday, I had $80,000 in my hands. I walked it to the financial secretary’s office and asked her to . . . put it toward . . . um. . . screens. Not missions. Screens. Not a line item for our evangelism efforts. Screens. Not Annie or Lottie. Screens.

What am I thinking? I am a trustee for the International Mission Board for crying out loud! What if they find out what I’ve done (or not done!)???? Pearson’s a PHONY!!!

I want you to back up now to the paragraph that starts with “Yeah.”  Reread the first full sentence there. Notice what it does NOT say. It doesn’t say, “voted to put up a new projection system” as if we already had an older one. No. I wrote, “voted to put up a projection system.” FBC has never had one.

What was I thinking?

It’s simple: If FBC doesn’t make some changes to become relevant where we are and reach people who will come along behind us – there will be a day real soon where we won’t have a dime to give to missions, much less anyone to send overseas.

In other words: We MUST make some adjustments to move us into the 21st century, or we’re dead. That’s just plain ole reality.

Could I have asked the generous gentlemen to ‘earmark’ the money for missions? I sure could’ve. He might have done it. But I didn’t. Why? Because I believe the $80,000 investment now is a means to build, grow, expand, reach, love, move forward, etc. SO THAT we will be in much better position in the near future to give and send and send and give.

So, no, I didn’t put the money in our ‘missions’ budget. Or did I?

Anyone out there got another $80 grand sitting around? We could use a vamped up sound system??? 🙂





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