4 Steps to ‘Pull a Google’ at Your Church


Last week, the world went into panic when Google announced it was shutting down it’s coveted Google Reader application.

Following that, Todd Rhodes wrote a brief post about churches who need to ‘Pull a Google.’

At one point he wrote:

“Google evidently saw something that I (or a few million others) didn’t.  Most people were NOT using Google Reader… in fact, less and less.  And to continue putting leadership and resources into this program did not make sense.


Sometimes as church leaders we have to make the same determination.

Canning a program that some people absolutely LOVE… yet it’s taking up too many resources, or has dwindled over the years.

People will be upset.  They will plead.  They will cry.

But you still know it’s the right thing to do.

Maybe you need to pull a Google in your church.”

I think Rhodes is right. But how? How do you do this? It’s one thing for the Powerhouse known as Google to do it. . . . But churches?

Enter my friend Danny Franks, a ‘First Impressions’ guru and a pastor at The Summit Church in Durham, NC. He blogs here.

Today he just happened to talk about this very thing. No, he doesn’t call it ‘Pulling a Google,’ but its the same thing. He helps answer the ‘how?’ question.

He writes: “Many of us have ministries in our churches that are extremely cutting edge…for 1962. We do things the way we do because it was good enough for grandpa, and doggone it, it’s good enough for us.”

He gives 4 ways churches can ‘pull a google,’ so to speak, in order to rebuild the culture in a way that speaks to their current environment (click here to read an explanation for each):

  • Ask the “Why are we doing this?” question. A lot. 
  • Assess the messages you’re sending to your community – both overt and covert. 
  • Confront the “We’re friendly” myth. 
  • Take a hard look at what’s not working. 

Oh. My. Goodness.

I cannot emphasize enough how important this is. For pastors. For staff. For deacons. For Sunday School teachers. For committees. For the lost. For the church to be where it is in 20 years.

What do you think? Is Danny right? What needs to be pulled where you go to church.

Google did it. . . all for money. Don’t we, as churches, have a little bit more at stake than some Benjamin Franklin’s?



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One thought on “4 Steps to ‘Pull a Google’ at Your Church

  1. Libby Kloap says:

    Preach it Brother!! I’m with you on it 100%!

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