Who Are You Bringin’? Part I

Easter Sunday is a mere 4 days away.

In 4 days and about 5 hours from now (I am typing this on 03/27 at 9 am) most Christians will have. . .

– Spent way too much on a new Easter sumthin’.

– Mutilated an Easter ham.

– Eaten way too much cadbury cream.images

– Smelt one too many hard boiled eggs.

– Wiped way too much dye on their clothes.

– Wondered why in the world they bought the stupid green grass for the baskets.

– Watched the dog eat one too many chocolate eggs.

– Been past ready for a long Springtime afternoon nap due to being wore slap out from ‘givin it our all’ on Easter Sunday morning at church.

and. . .

– Heard the greatest news in all the universe . . . again.

Ahhhh. . . .

I love Easter!

So, Who are you going to invite to experience this with you?

Okay, not the ‘uncomfortable’ stuff – of course – but ‘hearing the greatest news’ part? Sure, you have heard it so many times you can probably say it in your ‘ham-rolls-and-casserole’ slumber. But there are many in our town who – if they’ve heard it – don’t ‘get it.’

There is no greater time to invite someone to come to church with you than this week (Easter Week).

There are four kinds of people you will encounter between now and and Saturday night. People I believe God is supernaturally already workin’ out some ‘divine appointments.’

1. Co-workers. 

Know anyone at work who needs Jesus? Church? A little Holy Ghost Baptismal Fire???? Invite ’em. There is a reason you work there. . . and it’s not just for money.

2. Neighbors.

Those people you run from when they step outside? Yeah, them too. There is a reason you live there . . . and it’s not just for the friendliness.

3. Facebook Friends.

Got any ‘friends’ who need Jesus? Send ’em a message.

4. Strangers.

Goin’ to Wal-Mart, Home Depot, or out to eat? Yeah, them too. It is no accident you are there, buying your pastor a gift-car. .  um. . . I mean getting some groceries. God ordains things, you know.

Tomorrow – in part II – I’ll give you some reasons why. But don’t wait until then. Get busy!

Who are you bringin’? 

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3 thoughts on “Who Are You Bringin’? Part I

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