Who Are You Bringin’? Part II

The count down is on.

Three days until the big day (no, not opening day of baseball season or the Final Four you sports infested pig . . . EASTER!).

Yesterday I mentioned 4 groups of people we will encounter between now and Easter ‘Eve.’ There is a reason you will cross their paths – God ordains these things.



Why should you invite people you encounter between now and Saturday night to an Easter service on Sunday morning? Why would God ordain these things?

3 Reasons:

1. Their eternity.

Know why some people have never come to church? They have never been invited (read this for an interesting take). If they never darken the doors of a church, there is a pretty good chance they have some understanding of the Gospel, but not a good one. Bottom line: your inviting someone to Easter could mean their eternal fate.

2. Your obedience.

Wanna experience God work in your life? Join Him in what He is doing. I really believe He is working in people’s lives all across our town. I also believe He wants to use you (yes, YOU) to accomplish His purposes. He doesn’t need you. But He has chosen to use you.

3. Cool stuff. 

Okay, so this is a little ‘worldly.’ But it’s a good incentive. See if you don’t agree. . .

A really cool gift bag for all guests (complete with a travel coffee mug; chap stick; pen/stylus; New Testament; coffee; cookies and brownies; sunglass clip for the car; scads of info about FBC; etc.). Heck, when our members see these bags – they will want to ‘unjoin’ so they can get one!

‘2Fifty2′ will be ROCKIN’. College age praise and worship band. Donuts and coffee. Screens. Need I say more?

Simulcast. That’s right. Yours truly will be preaching live in the main sanctuary while those in ‘2Fifty2’ will be watching a live stream on the screens. Where I come from, that’s pretty doggone cool.

Volunteers everywhere. People to help park cars and direct traffic. Guys with umbrellas if it rains. Greeters pointing people to the right entrances (what do we have, 432 ways to enter our buildings?). Nursery workers who actually like children. Ushers to help seat. Smiling faces at guest tents. Senior ladies who made the goodies for the gift bags. Oh. Yeah.

Tomorrow, in Part III, we’ll look at overcoming the ‘Fear Factor’ of inviting someone.

Until then, Who You Bringin’?

[**FYI: Yesterday I invited an employee from Brookshire’s to ‘Easter on Main.’ Guess what? Brookshire’s is CLOSED on Sunday! Employees can come to church! Go and buy a Dr Pepper 10 and invite someone!]

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2 thoughts on “Who Are You Bringin’? Part II

  1. Blanche Quizno says:

    Just noticed this – I’m a little late. It all sounds very nice, so how did it turn out? How many non-members came that once, and, more importantly, how many ended up joining your church?

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