7 Expressions of Easter Appreciation

Easter on Main

792. Yeah. 792.

Your ‘little-faith’ pastor set a measly little goal of 750. Sheesh. When will he grow up and have some faith?

I must say my ‘cup runneth over’ this morning as I contemplate the events of the weekend and ‘bask in it’s glory’ with minglers in the office.

Yesterday was a good day. I am one grateful and extremely excited pastor.

Below are 7 quick reasons I am so grateful on this Monday – Post-Easter – Morning:

1. Soaking Wet Suits.

No, not real ‘wet suits.’ But real suits (coat, pants, tie, button down shirt) that were literally soaking wet. Why? Because it was pouring down rain during and after the service and men were everywhere with umbrellas walking people to/from their cars.


2. Sweat.

Saturday morning rain. No egg hunt at the complex. What do we do, cancel? Sheesh. No way. We have it in the CLC Gym. What do I see when I get there an hour and fifteen minutes before it starts? Sweaty volunteers and a gym turned into an Easter Eggstravaganza.

Sunday morning. Orchestra early. Band early. Tables to set up. Breakfast to be made. Simulcast to run smooth (thank you JC Productions!!!!!!!). Back up plans to be instituted due to rain. The nursery had 51 (yes, oh. my.). Everything went off without a hitch. Why? Because so many people sweat to make it happen.


3. Empty-Handed Ushers.

Why? Because we ran out of bulletins. Why else? Because they were busy helping guests to their seats. Why else, still? Not sure – but these boys worked incredibly hard to get bulletins in guests hands (even stealing ones from members!) and made them feel overly welcome.


4. Giftbag-Less Stations.

We put out 71 gift bags stuffed by some of the most incredible women on the planet. These were the ‘Mother’ of all gift bags (I don’t care what Danny Franks says). We put them all over our entrances so guests could receive one on their way out. In all but one location, we ran out of bags. Why? Because the bags were awesome AND because we had incredible ‘giftbag-hander-outers’ making sure our guests got a gift.


5. Ambiance.

I was unable to spend much time in the ‘2Fifty2’ building. But all reports are that it was AMAZING. The cafe was ‘over the top’ perfect at all things atmosphere, coffee, and breakfast pastries. The band from Ouachita knocked it out of the park.

In the sanctuary the children set an ‘exciting’ tone and the congregational music was just plain ole ‘Eastery Good.’

Victory. In Jesus.

6. Smiles.

Everyone was smiling yesterday. Everyone. Even ole . . . just kidding. Want to know something about smiles? They are contagious. I don’t know if I even saw one single frown the entire morning – and that’s saying something for a Baptist Church.


7. Authentic and Real Excitement.

This was the MAJOR take away for this pastor and what made me giddy thinking about it even in the midst of a power outage at 2 am last night. Seeing excitement on the faces of FBCers. Seeing you overflowing with energy because of what was happening. You invited people to come. They came. You were ready to serve in numerous capacities. You came. You helped us fly beyond our goal. 792 people heard (and saw!) the Gospel. This pastor has an indescribable joy that YOU are excited about that.

Thank you.

The work isn’t done. Nope. Not by a long shot. We want them to come back. We don’t want to ‘Waste Our Spike.’ Remember I have another goal: 450 average attendance throughout April.

More on that tomorrow.

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4 thoughts on “7 Expressions of Easter Appreciation

  1. Ronnie Clay says:

    Counted 59 kids in the choir. 59. I’ve been here 25 years….don’t recall many times we had one half that size. I wanted to give a standing ovation before they even sang!!

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  2. cindysl says:

    It was an amazing day and I am celebrating with you!

  3. Libby Kloap says:

    It was an amazing day in God’s house! Worship at FBC was awesome! Preaching wasn’t bad…LOL Really, it was one of the nicest Easter sermons I have heard! So practical!! Thank you Bro. Matt for your obedience to the Lord and for your enthusiasm and your dedication!! God is so good!

  4. […] 7 Expressions of Easter Appreciation […]

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