Free Flow Fridays!


Today I want to introduce something new for the ‘ole blog.

The purpose of this blog is. . . to help me better pastor intentionally (hence the name).

I find myself – more and more – coming across an article during the week that I wish I could recommend to church members to help them grow, learn, be encouraged, challenged, etc. There’s a LOT of good, solid stuff out there that I/we need to help us live intentionally for the glory of Christ.

“So Pearson,” I thought to myself, “why not post the top several I come across on your blog on Fridays????” [What? You don’t talk to yourself?]

Thus the name “Free Flow Fridays.” It’s Free. It’s what has been Flowing through my mind I think would be helpful. And, well,  it’s Friday.


Here goes. . . .

Why Are Church Kids Leaving Never to Return?

Very, very interesting article called “10 Surprising Reasons Our Kids Leave Church

What do you think?


Are there any real good Children’s Bibles out there?

GREAT evaluation and break down here.

However, I was disappointed that my ALL-TIME favorite was missing from the list.


How do you know if you are ‘guest friendly’?

10 Commandments for Guest-Friendly Church Members

Excellent wisdom from Thom Rainer.


Cheap E-Book challenging Young Girls to live Modestly.

Girls Gone Wise by Mary Kassian


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