Free Flow Fridays

It’s Friday – Win.

It’s 4 Topics That’ve Been Flowin’ through my Head (or smartphone!) – Random.

It’s Free – Boom.Unknown-1

#1 Thom Rainer on. . . 

(1). 7 Characteristics of Unified Churches;


(2). What Church Members Want in Their Bulletins.

What do y’all think? Agree?

#2 Helpful articles related to mental illness.

The news of Rick Warren’s son got a lot of people talking about mental illnesses and the church. . . it’s about time!

Ed Stetzer’s article citing several Christian leaders.

7 Questions about Suicide and Christians.

Mental Illness and Suicide: The Church Awakes.

If you are struggling with anxiety or depression – YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!!!!!

#3 Secular Magazine Highlights the Positive Effect of Family Mealtimes.

From Fast Company:

“The lesson, I think, is that protecting a time of the day to check in, feel listened to, share concerns relates to better mental health and well-being.”

How are you doing at this mom and dad?

#4 Tony Morgan on the Impact of Churches if its People were Free of Debt

I thought this was interesting, considering this week’s sermon topic.

How’s the tracking goin’?

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