Now THAT’s a Good Question!

It’s Monday morning here in Charlotte, North Carolina where I have the privilege of preaching a personal revival for the good folks at FBC Matthews, NC.

Monday morning also means that I get to pose a question I was asked during the week and give the blog world my response.

Saturday night, after I landed in Charlotte, the pastor here (whom I had never met before) took me to supper. During the meal, he asked: “Why did you leave Wynne Baptist Church to go to First Baptist Church of El Dorado?”

Now THAT’s a Good Question!!!!!!images-1

At that point I got to share one of my all-time favorite ‘God stories.’

I wrote it all out in a 5-part series of posts entitled “How Do You Know?” The purpose was to help Christians discern the will of God for their lives. In it, I walk through things God did in my family’s life to lead us to one of the greatest churches in the world.

You can read Part One here.

Part Two here.

Part Three here.

Part Four here.

Part Five here.

My favorite part of the story (from Part Four):

“An example of this happened recently in my life as I was seeking the Lord’s will for me/my family regarding the position at FBC El Dorado. I had gone to by dad for prayer and counsel. The morning before I needed to decide whether to stay in Wynne or go to El Dorado, my dad made some suggestions and asked some important questions that seriously intrigued me. The next morning (the day I needed to decide) I walked to where I read my Bible every morning asking the Lord to speak to me from His Word. My Bible reading had me in Proverbs 23 (I try to read a Proverb every day, coinciding with the day of the month and the chapter in Proverbs). You know what verse 22 says in Proverbs 23? “Listen to your father who gave you life. . .”

Now let me ask you: When a child desperately needs his father for something, do you think any decent father would try to confuse or frustrate his child? No. God knew His child (me) was desperate to hear from Him regarding a huge decision I needed to make. The Father, my loving heavenly Father, knew the conversation I had had with my earthly father. He knew what Proverb I would be reading that morning (it was April 23rd). When I read the verse, His Spirit spoke to directly to my spirit.

I knew what God was calling me to do.

Look for cues. He WILL make straight your paths.”



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One thought on “Now THAT’s a Good Question!

  1. Ralph Phillips says:

    I forgetted to pick up the materials you left for me on the front pew last evening. I will stop by the church office on my conference period at 2:30ish Monday to get them from Holly. Like they say in Native American — havm good day.

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