Free Flow Fridays!

It. Is. FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!Unknown-1

Bless the Lord, OH MY SOUL; and ALL that is within me – BLESS HIS HOLY NAME!!!

I love Fridays.

I don’t care what Joel says – I’m glad every day ain’t Friday – if so, I wouldn’t love Fridays near as much.

Here on the blog, it’s Free Flow Fridays – that means simply this: It’s Free. It’s Stuff Flowin’ through My Mind. And it’s Friday.

Here we go. . .

#1. How Loud Should Our Church Music Be? 

“So what’s the perfect volume? In this case, Disney has the answer. Disney seems to have a knack for managing expectations and providing the best user experience on the planet. They can teach us a thing or two about worship.”

What do you think? Agree?


#2. Great Kids Have Parents Who Seem to do This Well

“Secretly (until now), I’ve noticed a common theme amongst well-adjusted kids. The theme seems to be this: Great kids come from families in which parents are real about their shortcomings. They come from families who live and believe in grace.”

How are you doing mom and dad?


#3. 7 Ways I Protect My Heart and Ministry From an Affair

“I spend lots of time with my wife. The best defense is a good offense. The most certain way to protect my heart is to strengthen my marriage. Cheryl and I spend most of our leisure time together.”

Which one do you need to work on most, guys?


#4. Media is the Number One Influence in the West

“While I’m not celebrating this fact, I’d much rather see the Church as the #1 influence in our culture. I do hope that this conversation helps us better understand the culture in which we live so that we may more effectively influence it with the Gospel.”

How can we use this for Christ’s sake here in El Dorado?


#5. Boys Allowed in Girls Restrooms 

“This means that boys who say they identify as girls can use the girls’ restrooms and locker rooms, and vice versa. It also means that girls who want to play on boys’ teams, and boys who want to play on girls’ teams, will be allowed to do so. The key will be their “gender identity” — what sex they identify as — and not their birth certificate.”

This is the world God has sent us into with the Gospel – the only thing that makes us whole.


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One thought on “Free Flow Fridays!

  1. Richard McClendon says:

    I would say the music does not need to be heard a block down the street.  Welcome back to El Dorado.



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