5 Ways to Be ‘Happy, Happy, Happy’ with Your Spouse

Last Sunday, I preached on marriage. Getting ‘unstuck’ in marriage.

I admitted that Katie and I go through seasons of marriage ‘yuck.’ Though I have no scientific evidence to back this up, I am certain every marriage does.

Mood swings (males too!). Stress. Kids. Money. Sin. You name it. Life happens.

But we are commanded to actually ENJOY our spouses. Seriously, we are. I hope you’re sitting down – this may come as a shock:

God wants you to be happy in your marriage. . . happy, happy, happy.


Yeah, I know. It’s weird isn’t it? God actually wanting there to be some sho’ nuff joy between you and your ’til death do you part’ person? For real.

Read it for yourself here. And here. And here and here. If you’re over 18 and/or married, go ahead and read it in all of it’s context here (you betcha and you’re welcome).

So, if you’re NOT enjoying your spouse – you are disobeying Scripture. To put it simply: NOT ENJOYING YOUR SPOUSE IS SIN!

How can we be ‘Happy, Happy, Happy’ with our Spouses? Let me suggest 5 ways to get you started:

1. Acknowledge it’s OKAY to be happy in marriage. 

– Don’t go on to # 2 until you have done this. IT IS OKAY!!!! God wants it for you.

2. Laugh together. 

– At your kids.

– At each other.

– While watching Duck Dynasty [We ALL, by the way, could learn alot from Phil and Kay.]

3. Get a babysitter and GO OUT ON A DATE!!!!

– Not just one time, but once a week – or AT LEAST twice a month (don’t talk back to this computer – why not do it? Really – why not?).

– Schedule an overnight ‘get away’ once a quarter. To Little Rock. To Smackover. To Earle. To Toad Suck. Anywhere. Just GO!

4. Get Outside – TOGETHER!

– Pull some weeds or plant some flowers.

– Play tennis or golf (wanna laugh at each other???).

– Go on a picnic (who doesn’t love a good PB&J outdoors?)

5. Put the kids to bed and . . . TALK.

– You’d be amazed at how much you’d actually enjoy your spouse if you would turn off the TV/Facebook and talk to him or her for a few minutes before bedtime.

That person you married? Yeah, they’re still there. Life happens. Enjoy it WITH your spouse.

What are some other ways you and your spouse work on being ‘happy, happy, happy’?

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One thought on “5 Ways to Be ‘Happy, Happy, Happy’ with Your Spouse

  1. Richard McClendon says:

    Good picture of you.  Not very good of Katie.



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