“Cruel Summer”

Quick!! Name that movie???? Unknown-1

A hint: ‘Wax On!’ ‘Wax Off!’

If you guessed this movie without having to Google it – BOOM. You and me? Probably born around the same time.

It also means you probably started emailing when you were 20, the first portable phone you saw came in a leather bag attached to your car’s cigarette lighter, you tight rolled your jeans (oh yeah!), and a web was something you grew up trying to avoid, not get ‘on.’

It also means you probably now have kids, can’t eat what you used to (or should I say ‘shouldn’t’ eat what you used to), are staring your quarter of a century class reunion in the face, drive one of these, fight the temptation to have ‘big bangs’ (girl you know it’s true), and are still trying to figure out how to ‘Do a Twitter.’ In other words, you rock.

Summer is just around the corner. In fact, had it not dipped into the 30’s last weekend I would say it is already upon us.

This means the following (if you identify with any of the above scenarios):

– Your kids are ’bout to be out of school (help me Lord!).

– The lakehouse is callin’.

– The beach is hollerin’.

– Leather seats are stickin’.

– Baseballs are scatterin’.

– The pool is openin’.

– The AC is rockin’.

– The sunglasses are stylin’.

– The grill is . . . well, grillin’.

Considering all of the above AND considering that I have officially been a pastor now for 12 years, I am about to ask the Karate Kid lovin’, Minivan drivin’, zipper parachute pants wearin’ peeps a question:

[WARNING: It’s Risky – So if you are reading this and don’t like risky – visit another site or log off – NOW. Seriously, N-O-W. Okay, I warned you.]

How can we help keep you connected with the church and Jesus during the summer?

[Excuse me, Bro. Matt but – Risky? How in the world is that risky?

Think about it: I just asked the 30 and 40 something’s how we can help them stay connected to the church and the Lord during the summer months. I did NOT ask them to come every Sunday (who am I kidding?). I did NOT tell them we are having a summer Wednesday night program just for them – SO THEY BETTER BE HERE BY GOLLY! I basically am assuming they will be gone a lot and asked them how we could help them on their terms. See, I told you it’s risky. Quit questioning me!]

Here’s the thing. . .

– I want families to go on vacation together.

– I want families to spend time together.

– I want families to enjoy time at the lake together.

– I want Christian families to be around non-Christian families at ball games.

– I want Christian families to grill out back and invite me . . . oh, I mean invite their neighbors and coworkers over.

I really do want these things and I am not going to pretend like you won’t do ’em whether I want it to happen or not! It’s just reality!

In other words: these things will happen whether anyone likes it or not!

[Editors Note: Does this mean I am trying to give out free passes, communicating that our services on Sunday are going to be worth skippin’? NO. WAY. I can promise you this: You will NOT want to miss any service here this summer! Believe me, missin’ a service would be like missin’ a ‘Growing Pains‘ reunion or something – trust me, you’ll want to ‘show me that smile again’ all summer long.]

But instead of us trying to ‘beast’ our heads against the wall to get you here when you are going to take a vacation anyway, my question is how can we best serve you to. . .

– Help you and your family have some ‘God moments’ together this summer?

– Help you and your family still hear Sunday’s message(s) and talk about the truth presented?

– Help you be equipped to invite unchurched and lost people to church?

– Help you be equipped to talk with an unchurched or lost person about Jesus?

– Help you have a daily time with the Lord where you are encouraged, challenged, and nurtured?

Any thoughts? You’re going to be traveling with your family. . . how can we serve you to help you walk with Jesus together as you ‘do your thang’?

Please comment below OR email me (if you don’t like your thoughts to go public) to:


Go ahead. . . I want to know your thoughts.

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