Mother’s Day Reminder to FBC

imagesNo, this is not a reminder that tomorrow is Mother’s Day. If you’re reading this and your momma is alive and you didn’t know that tomorrow is Mother’s Day – log out of your computer, go to Wal-Mart, and get a card – NOW. Then, make reservations at her favorite restaurant. Then, set a reminder on your phone to call her tomorrow. Then, come home, repent, log back on and read the rest of this post. What kind of ungrateful wretch child are you, anyway? Geez.

[Editors Note: I hope you detected just a bit of sarcasm in the opening paragraph. A bit. If that is really you – WOW.]


Since tomorrow is Mother’s Day – I have a plea I would like to make to the good folks of FBC El Dorado:

If possible, plan to view the service from the ‘2Fifty2’ building.  

Why? Lemme give you a couple of stats:

– We will be dedicating at least 13 children tomorrow. Guess who baby dedications bring to the service? You betcha.

– We will be privilege to see 30-40 children sing in the service. Guess who children singing bring to the service? Yep.

– It’s Mother’s Day. Guess who usually comes to church because their momma wants them to come? Uh huh.

– Consider this: Last year we had 403 on Mother’s Day. The Sunday before Mother’s Day we had 322. The Sunday after – 317. In other words, we had a HUGE spike in attendance on Mother’s Day last year. Guess what we’ve been averaging on Sunday’s THIS year? Over 400. Add to that the fact there were no baby dedications last year and there were no children singing in the service. Around 420 in our building feels, well, FULL. What am I saying? We have potential to over pack the place out tomorrow.

This is really, really good stuff. I couldn’t be more excited. It would be great if we did pack it out tomorrow.

But it would be awful if we packed it out and our guests had no place to sit, or were squished, or were unable to see their beloved grandchild dig in his ear while on stage.

Here’s the bottom line: FBC, we have a unique opportunity tomorrow morning to serve guests who don’t normally come to our church. For all I know, we have a unique opportunity to serve guests who don’t go to church anywhere.

Think about this:

What do you want them to think about our church when they are eating lunch with their family?

What do you want them to say about FBC when they are talking with their lost/unchurched friends at work on Monday?

How can we remove distractions so that they can enjoy their experience AND hear a word from the Lord while they are here?

My plea:

– If you do not have a child or grandchild being dedicated or singing – please consider sitting in the ‘2Fifty2’ building.

– If you do have a family member being dedicated or singing – and you are a long time member of FBC – and you have your wife’s/mom’s permission – consider standing in the back and, when their part is over, walking over to the ‘2Fifty2’ building.

[**The entire service will be shown live in the ‘2Fifty2’ building. You will experience everything that is happening in the sanctuary – just on a screen rather than ‘in person’**]

– When you arrive tomorrow morning, consider letting guests sit in your spot. Consider those who are not use to FBC and go the extra mile to help them feel welcome and comfortable.

What do you want our guests to say about FBC when they are eating lunch with their family tomorrow?

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One thought on “Mother’s Day Reminder to FBC

  1. Ilene Harral says:

    Matt, we are in a Wyndham in west Houston, and a group of smiling, friendly and happy women representing various (black) churches have been holding meetings here. I’ve listened to their joyful noise and exchanged greetings and have twice been invited to come on in. They even invited Richard. I was too tired to join in but will always remember the joy and love of the sisters and their kind invitations. That’s what people should feel at FBC.

    Ilene harral

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