Now THAT’s a Good Question!

imagesToday is a special edition of ‘Now THAT’s a Good Question.’

“Why?” You ask. . . Good question (sorry, couldn’t help myself).

I want to provide for you two – yes two – questions to help you be the best YOU God intended.

So here goes. . .

Question #1: Can you link me to some of the ‘stuff’ you talked about yesterday?

Sure! Great question.

Yesterday – throughout the service – I made several references AND recommendations. Here are some links, FYI:

The Jesus Storybook Bible  If you don’t have this yet, do yourself a favor – get it NOW.

Fox News story of mom determined to get her son back. Yeah, I absolutely love the part where he recognized her when “he saw her eyes.” That’s Mother’s Day gold right there!

Legacy Countdown App – Parents have 976 weeks from the time their child is born until they graduate high school. How will you intentionally prepare them?

Question #2: “What can I not stop doing?”

This question was posed by Jon Acuff in his new book Start: Punch Fear in the Face; Escape Average; and Do Work that Matters.

The book is about helping people like you and me quit coasting through life doing things we were not made to do and START pursuing work that matters. In chapter 4 of the the book, he suggests this approach to help his readers identify their passion:

“Instead of asking, ‘What would I love to start doing?’ let’s ask, ‘What can I not stop doing?'”

He continues:

“What’s something in your life that you keep coming back to?  . . . What’s something you can’t stop doing? Chances are there’s some passion or dream or activity that’s survived for years. . . You need to be a student of you. Don’t walk down this road to awesome as if you’ve never been awesome before. You have. You’ve succeeded at something. Something came naturally. Something worked.”

I think it’s a GREAT question. What is it in your life that you just simply cannot stop doing? Not because of obligation, but because of a passion or a burden. God made you particularly and specifically and with a ‘built in’ zeal. What’s yours? Can you identify it? Are you giving yourself to it?

I would LOVE to hear what you are currently giving yourself to because you KNOW that’s how God wired you. Please – do tell below. . .

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5 thoughts on “Now THAT’s a Good Question!

  1. janis camp says:

    Checked out Fox News….made mental note to get Bible story book.

  2. afaithfulpen says:

    Jesus Story Book Bible is awesome. We bought it when we heard you mention it years ago and have been through it at least twice for family devotions since. Can’t wait to read the Fox News article, and I know I am wired for writing because I have way too many things I want to tell people about God and His greatness to spout it to everyone verbally and think they will listen. Through writing, I can take more time to prayerfully consider WHAT he wants me to say, WHEN he wants me to say it, and HOW he wants me to say it. I leave the audience to Him. I’m not in your congregation, but I still read your blog, and I can’t resist a comment now and then:) God bless!

  3. Becky and Johnny says:

    Dear Pastor Matt,
    Thank you for this good way to help us during the week! I have shared your Mother’s Day notes and the video of the Australian Lady playing the spoons with our daughters, Melissa and Melody, who are homeschooling their children. Very good information! Also, lots of chuckles as I watched the music and spoons dance!
    If you haven’t seen the Sunday “Parade” article featuring Sarah Smiley, “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?”, it is a winner! Worth the read!. “When her husband deployed overseas for a year, Sarah came up with an inspired way to fill his empty seat at the table”. Sarah’s idea could also be used to help both new members and our “old” members really get to know each other! Sure beats “Wednesday Night suppers”, where only a few show up and the same ones usually “clump” together at the same table. (Johnny and I live in a very small house, but this could be an idea we would try!) Safe trip! In His Love, Becky Isbell

  4. Ilene Harral says:

    I wrote a story in third grade that my grandmom thought I had copied. So, I was already a writer then and won some awards as a teenager and in college. I put any career on hold while I raised our daughter Melissa and did volunteer work of all kinds. It took years and four different colleges as we moved around for Richard’s career, but I finally went to work when Melissa left for college…as a feature and news writer and photographer for the Beaumont Enterprise (and also afternoon Journal at the time) and ended up as food editor (boring when I was young and thin). I was hired away by a big company and wrote press releases and traveled on company planes.

    Then I quit to travel and play golf, tennis and bridge and always helped with publicity for various boards I was on and wrote press releases for our church. I’m still on the symphony board now and have tried to help with their newspaper publicity. Mainly, now I write emails.

    So, I had my activities, but I also got to fulfill my desire to be a real writer! Writing was not my main purpose in life because I was a wife and mom, but it was GREAT to get to do what I loved both for my salary and also to help with fundraising for boards.

    I know what you mean, Matt, and sometimes people have to wait awhile and keep plugging away while they wait.


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