Now THAT’s a Good Question . . . To My Question!!!

Okay, so let me explain the title. . .

Yesterday I threw out a question (click here and read #2). In response, I was posed another question (via email) to clarify:

“I have known many guys who had a passion for golf, hunting, fishing, going to the river camp etc.  to the  extent that family, church, kids activities, and the family dinner table time etc. were totally neglected.  But those things were (or appeared to be their passion).  It seems to be their dream activity and they keep doing it.  What say you?”

See what I mean? Now That’s a Good Question . . . To My Question!!!


In brief, my response is as follows. . .

What I was referring to in yesterday’s post is doing WORK – lifetime work – that matters. Work that isn’t ‘work’ as it is typically defined. Work that you can give yourself to and find joy and satisfaction and fulfillment and zeal from. Work that you cannot stop doing. Paul was pretty clear to the Romans: “be zealous in what you do and let the Spirit excite you as you serve” (12:11). Even King Solomon said, “whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might” (Ecc. 9:10).

I did NOT mean recreational activities. My point was not to encourage either of my 2 or 3 readers  to quit work and leave their family to go fish because you are passionate about it. No, no, no. I am passionate about golf. I am passionate about college football. Heck, I am passionate about hockey if I have a bowl of ice cream in my hand. But that’s not what I was referring to yesterday.

I meant it to be a plea not to waste your life. I meant it to be a plea for you to get busy doing what you were made to do. I meant it to encourage you to give yourself to what it is you can do that adds value to others. Another quote from Start: “helping other people better their lives is way more fun than obsessing about bettering your own.” I love to play golf. Yes. But I am burdened and zealous and deeply passionate about preaching and leading a church. I can’t stop doing it.

What can you not stop doing? Don’t stop until you know what it is you can’t stop!

Does this help???

Again, I would highly recommend Acuff’s book Start: Punch Fear in the Face; Escape Average; Do Work that Matters

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