Now THAT’s a Good Question! Special Saturday Edition

Today’s edition of ‘Now THAT’s a Good Question!!!‘ is actually a compilation of several questions I have received over the past few days and weeks from FBC members. They are really good questions that, I believe, would benefit more than just the ones asking. Since we will gather in the morning, I post it today for communication purposes.

So, here goes. . .


#1. If Jesus used wine for the Lord’s Supper, why do we use grape juice?

Two weeks ago I wrote a post about believer’s baptism. This question was posed in the comment section. It’s a really good question. My answer, at this point, is three-fold:

a. I like Welch’s.

b. It serves it’s purpose – symbolically pointing to the blood of Jesus.

c. I want to keep my job.

#2. Why aren’t we having Sunday Night Live during the Summer?

I am really torn on this one. On the one hand, I LOVE SUNDAY NIGHT CHURCH! Hey, I grew up Southern Baptist. It’s how we roll. Bringing it back to FBC El Dorado last Fall was – thanks to you – a tremendous success. On the other hand, however, Sunday nights can be GREAT family time – usually there are NO practices, birthday parties, homework, or games.

What pushed me over the top on this one, however, is our current and ongoing search for a music pastor. Last week I wrote an article on the importance of being extraordinary. It is crucial that we seek and provide excellence in everything we do every time we gather – for the churched AND unchurched. And again, to be totally honest, I am tired of ‘throwing together’ another service so we can put some things together to say we ‘had church.’ I am eager to start Sunday Night Live again. And we will. But I want it to be done with prayer, planning, excellence, diligence, and purpose. In other words, I eagerly want it to be something that adds tremendous value to those in attendance.

#3. Are we only going to use the new projection system on special Sundays?


As a matter of fact, tomorrow will (hopefully) be the last Sunday you will NOT see the screens used for a long, long time. Monday, a recent OBU grad named Nicole McPhate, is starting as our new Media Communications Coordinator who will help us in a plethora of ways – not to mention the new screens. You can read her blog here. I urge you to read this article about God bringing her to El Do. Get ready. It’s gonna be good.

#4. Why aren’t we having Wednesday Night Suppers in the Summer?

Main reason? Our Church Hostess – Rachel Davis – is having a surgical procedure done and will need several weeks off to recover.

Secondary reason? It’s the summer. Last summer the numbers for meals were WAY down.

When you put these two reasons together – it just makes sense. Rest assured, however, that our shut-ins are still having meals provided by our deacon body each week during the summer; AND we will fire up the kitchen again in August.

#5. Where were the flags on Memorial Day and why no patriotic songs?

The flags were in the closet. I had no idea we usually put up flags for Memorial Day (my first one here). Also, there was a wedding in our sanctuary Saturday night. It would have been difficult to get them all set up for Sunday morning. Regarding music – honestly – it never crossed my mind to get some appropriate songs together for Memorial Day.With Jake Briggs filling in with our music while we continue the search for a Music Pastor, I simply wanted some things easy and worshipful for he and us to navigate through on Sunday morning. Nothing intentional. Sorry!

#6. What’s the New Sermon Series About?

Tomorrow morning I will be begin a series entitled “Average Joe’s and Their God You Should Know.” I will talk more about the purpose in the morning at 10:15 am, but for now suffice it to say that we will look at the lives of Joseph, Job, Joshua, Jonah, and Joel (get it. . . all Joe’s!). They were ‘average’ in that they had natures like ours. But they were ‘awesome’ because of their trust in the extraordinary God. See you there!

#7. Where are we on all the staff hires and readjustments?

Media Communications Coordinator – Nicole McPhate – starts MONDAY! (If you see her at church tomorrow morning – say hi!)

Pastors’ Secretary – Gail Beddingfield – starts June 12th!

Associate Pastor of Children and Family Ministry – Coming in view of a call June 9th!

Associate Pastor of Senior Adults and Pastoral Care – Brian Trostle – Active NOW.

Associate Pastor of Music and Corporate Worship – ?????? – Prayerfully Searching.

NOW. . . 

A Question from ME to YOU:

#8. Can I count on your prayerful patience during these days?

I don’t naturally like change. I’m just as Baptist as anyone in the Baptist world. Change gives me the willies. Having said that – as you very well know – change is almost always necessary and major change is happening at FBC. The goal, of course, is not to make things worse or to destroy those things that are working well or to change things just to change things. No, the ultimate goal is to get us all excited about what God is doing at FBC, bring people with us, and see more and more and more impacted by the great God of love we worship. My hope is to see things happening better and more efficiently than ever in the days ahead. However, until some of these MAJOR and NECESSARY transitions happen – and the dust settles – it’s going to be a little weird and will feel abnormal.

Please, please, please pray for FBC during these times of transition. Pray for unity. Pray for health. Pray for focus on the main goal. Pray for wisdom for its leaders. Pray for a revival. Pray for excitement among the body. Pray for God’s hand to be on those who are and will become our staff. Pray for a move of God like never before.

Can I count on you for that? I know I can. You want God to move just as much as anyone.

Let us pray. . .


One thought on “Now THAT’s a Good Question! Special Saturday Edition

  1. Lauren says:

    I have really enjoyed reading your posts. I am not a member of your church, not even in the same state, but I will be praying for you and your church

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