6 ‘Study’ Questions for Husbands

Yesterday I ‘retweeted‘ this quote from Tony Evans: “Husbands, you are called to study two imagesthings: the Bible and your wife.”

Whoah. That’s a big statement to make. The Bible? Sure. Everybody knows we’re supposed to study that. But my wife? Come on Tony! Really?

Today I read this from Proverbs 5: “Let your wife be a fountain of blessing for you. Rejoice in the wife of your youth. . . May you always be captivated by her love.” (vs. 18, 20)

Boom. Tony’s right. To rejoice in my wife and to always be captivated by her love requires that I know her.

Whoah again.

This prompted some questions in my mind about my wife:

1. Am I hearing what she is saying? (Not merely listening. . . but hearing!)

2. Do I know what genuinely brings her joy? (Not what I think would bring her joy!)

3. Do I know what it takes to make her thrive? (Not what I think would make her thrive!)

4. What do I study more: my wife or last night’s scores? 

5. Do I choose to rejoice in what I discover about her? 

6. Do I intentionally strive to study her like I do the Word?

Could it be, husbands, that ‘frustrations’ about our spouse’s come – not because it is always their fault – but because we aren’t intentionally taking time to study and know what makes our wives ‘tick’??? Our job, our calling, our mission as husbands is to ensure that our wives are thriving. When they ain’t – it ain’t always THEIR fault. It might just be because we’ve been busy studying something else.

Husbands, the challenge from God in His Word about this is to make our lives better (and, yes, I meant to type ‘lives’ . . . this benefits our wives, sure – but it will make us much better men). How would you answer the above questions? What other questions can you think of? Let me know. Let’s help each other! Comment below.


2 thoughts on “6 ‘Study’ Questions for Husbands

  1. Connie says:

    Am I willing to sacrifice what makes ME thrive for a time so that she can receive a full dose of what makes HER thrive?

  2. J.B. says:

    Do I spend as much time trying to read her as I do reading books?

    Do I put as much energy into making her happy as I put into my job? How about my ministry?

    That last one really makes me think. Thanks for this, Matt.

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