Like Phil, If I Could Be like Phil

Phil Mickelson made the news yesterday. images

No, it wasn’t because he hit a hole in one at a practice round at the U.S. Open.

It wasn’t because he did another white man’s version of the splits (click here and go to minute 3) when he made a putt. Freaky.

It wasn’t because he said something about Tiger Woods eating chicken or Sergio Garcia attempting to apologize. Geez. Give me a break.

It wasn’t because he said that lefties are better golfers than righties.

And it wasn’t because he is everyone’s favorite to win this weekend.

It was because he will, no doubt, be his daughter’s favorite regardless of how he does in the weekend’s major tournament.

That’s right. Phil made the news because he is attending his daughter’s 8th grade graduation ceremony Wednesday – the day before the U.S. Open.

How dare he.

I am not sure what is more surprising to me: the fact that Phil is doing it – which I am thrilled; or the fact that it actually made the news. I mean, should the reality that a father who goes to hear his 8th grade daughter speak at her graduation and then flies overnight to make an early morning tee time even be in the news? He’s not even missing a round!!!!

But alas, it did. It is newsworthy for the society that we live in.

I tip my hat to Phil Mickelson. I have no idea if he will win the tournament. But I know who’s heart he’ll win – his daughter’s.

There’s a challenge here for all of us dad’s as we approach Father’s Day weekend, isn’t there? It’s a reminder to me that Father’s Day weekend isn’t so much about me getting served all day on Sunday for being a ‘great’ dad. Rather, it’s about me serving my family so they know how great I think they are.

Dads, let me ask you – as Father’s Day approaches, or as any major event or deadline in your professional life approaches, what’s your tendency: for you to have your family serve you for your ‘greatness;’ or for you to gladly serve them for theirs?

I think Jesus had something to say about that.

When I was a kid, I wanted to be like Mike. Now that I’m a dad – it’s Phil, I wanna be like Phil.


2 thoughts on “Like Phil, If I Could Be like Phil

  1. Ilene Harral says:

    We’ve loved Phil since he was a college amateur at the Master’s. We could tell he was modest but a great player. At the Par 3 contest, Phil hit a ball into the crowd where we were sitting on the ground, and it conked someone on the head. Somebody yelled out, “Is there a doctor?” Some one else called back “No, but I’m a lawyer.” We all laughed, and it was a good Phil story. He’s never disappointed us! What a husband and father and most likely a great son too, an athlete to admire!

    I also saw Tiger play his first year, and he won but did not inspire me in the crowd. Stil doesn’t……but we smile whenever Phil appears.


  2. Libby Kloap says:

    Such great insight from such a young man! Most people do not get such wisdom until it’s too late to do anything with it! Thanks for sharing it with us at FBC El Dorado! Keep up the great work!

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