Free Flow Friday!

Summertime is HERE!!!images

Today is officially the first day of summer AND the longest day of the year.

Know what that means? You’ll have extra time to read these articles!

Get out the hammock, the box fan, and the mosquito spray. Today’s FFF! will help you laugh at typos, plan an affordable wedding, intentionally ‘vacate’, and more.

Have fun and happy Friday everybody!

#1. The Top 16 Worship Music Typos by Jon Acuff. 

2. Easter. The line was supposed to read ‘We were naked and poor’ but instead it read ‘We were naked and poop.’ Quite possibly the best typo of all time. I could not stop laughing for the rest of the song. It was epic.


#2. How to Keep Your Wedding Affordable by Candice Watters

Planning the wedding is a good test of your willingness and ability to become one. . .   Are you willing to respectfully leave your parents and their expectations and demands, in order to cleave to one another? 

There’s a lot at stake. Now for some practical, on-the-ground help. Good news: honoring your parents while following your fiancé’s lead and sticking to a budget are not mutually exclusive. There are some things you can change, as well as some things you shouldn’t.

[Editor’s Note: I’ve officiated 3 weddings in 4 weeks. Let me just say at one point I had this thought (forgive me, Lord): “we should have adopted a boy!”]

#3. Three Ways to Really Put the ‘Vacate’ into Vacation by Drake Baer

Befriend airplane mode: Even if you’re off the tarmac, switching your phone into airplane mode lets you be guided by GPS and not guided by a tweet barrage. It’s the moderate’s way of unplugging.

What have you found that worked?

#4. Perspectives on our Children’s Education: Going Public by Jen Wilkin

For our family, public school means our children get an affordable, sound education. It means our family crosses paths with people of all backgrounds and faiths. It means we get to invest in the neighborhood in which we live. Our choice of public school in no ways indicts private schools or homeschooling. Public school is not for everyone, but it is a good fit for our family. Education is a highly personal choice, demanding consideration of factors unique to each student and family. I offer here just one perspective in the hope of enriching the dialogue.

[Editor’s Note: This is part one of a three part series. Part two (Private School) is here. To my knowledge, the other part (Homeschool) has not posted yet, but is sure to be interesting. Go here to look for its publication.]

Why do you send your child to public/private/home school?

#5. Six Ways to Get Rid of Emotional Baggage BEFORE a Challenging Conversation by John Hester

If you can travel lightly, emotionally speaking, a challenging conversation will take a lot less effort. But how do you unload that excess emotional baggage?

Here are a few creative ways to get the emotions out. Any number of these may work for you—so pick one you like, or try them all.

Lot of wisdom here. What helps you prepare for a hard talk?

#6. What Do Non-Christians Really Think of Us? by Thom Rainer

“The reason the world hates Christians is because they behave badly, they’re rude, boorish, arrogant, conceited, full of themselves, ignorant, and judgmental. Go ahead – accuse me of being judgmental now. Doesn’t matter – I don’t claim to follow a belief system that has actual rules AGAINST being judgmental, so it’s *fine* for me to be!”

What are some ways Christians and churches can remove this earned stigma?

#7. How to Wake Up Immediately in the Morning by Jennifer Smith

The struggle to wake up and get out of bed in the mornings can have a negative impact on your whole day and if the problem persists can start getting you down. There are changes you can make that will help resolve the difficulties you have rising in the morning and make getting up easier.

What works best for you?

What are some helpful articles you have come across this week?


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