Now THAT’s a Good Question!


Today’s edition of ‘Now THAT’s a Good Question!’ should actually be titled, ‘Now Them Are Some Really Good Ones!‘ Recently I have had good follow up questions from previous questions/posts AND a couple of good ‘smaller’ questions.

The plan for today is to offer simple, quick, and easy answers. Here goes. . .

#1. Do You Believe Animals Have Souls?

This question came as a result of this ‘Now THAT’s a Good Question!’ posted 3 weeks ago regarding animals being in heaven. Though I do believe animals will be in heaven, I do NOT believe animals have souls. Why? A careful reading of Genesis 1 and 2 makes plain the primary difference (among many others) between humans and animals is a soul. God breathed life into Adam and Eve. God made Adam and Eve in His image and likeness. Humans are created with a spiritual component, capable of relating to God. Animals have not been given that same capacity. This isn’t – by any means – to downgrade animals at all (at least, not any more than little orphan Annie did). It does, however, show the value and honor and dignity the LORD places on human beings (see Psalm 8).

[Editors Note: There’s a sermon in here about how urgent the need is to ensure HUMANS are in heaven over and above animals that I feel tempted to preach. . . but I won’t. I know NONE of my readers would be more concerned with Fee Fee being in heaven than their neighbors. Or that NONE of my readers would spend more on Foo Foo throughout the year than getting the Gospel to the unreached. But I digress. . . I vaguely remember saying I wouldn’t preach that sermon here :)]

#2. What about ‘children’ with aging parents? 

Last week I wrote about the importance of ‘leaving and cleaving.’ This question – a very necessary one – soon followed. My post centered primarily on younger couples who have been married 15 years or less. This question, if I am interpreting it correctly, deals with couples who have much more established marriages. I by no means intended children should EVER neglect or ignore or remove parents from their lives. The purpose was to help establish boundaries. For those married ‘children’ who must deal with the very difficult task of dealing with aging parents, let me simply suggest that you help them as much as possible – taking as much time and effort and energy and money necessary  to care for them – while at the same time not neglecting your own marriage/spouse. 1 Timothy 5:8 is clear – not taking care of your family is acting WORSE than an unbeliever. Leaving and cleaving does not mean to ignore or neglect. It means becoming one. It means your spouse is primary to you and all others are secondary. There will be seasons when others get more time and attention (children in the home, aging parents, etc.). But NEVER at the expense of neglecting THE priority that is your spouse.

#3. I was wondering if you might recommend any preaching podcasts (if you listen to them)?

This question was asked of me via email recently.

[Editors Note: Had this question come from a lazy church member who just wanted to get some good preaching at home, I might be tempted to play a trick and recommend someone who would make them feel better about staying home – in the basement at their parents’ place – in their pajamas while eating cinnamon toast and Froot Loops and drinking Folgers. But this question came from a very active church member who has started a new exercise regimen – so I won’t.]

YES, I listen to preaching podcasts. Graciously, there are some really good ones available – FOR FREE!!!! Here are a couple I recommend:

Tim Keller Sermon Podcast

Matt Chandler Sermon Podcast

Andy Stanley Sermon Podcast (highly recommend, along with his leadership podcast)

Catalyst Podcast (interviews and speakers from all over the evangelical map!)

Michael Hyatt Podcast

David Platt Sermon Podcast

Louie Giglio Sermon Podcast

TED Talks – Click on the link to find out more. Very interesting (secular!) talks about everything possible subject you can imagine.

These ought to get you started!

#4. Are there Bibles In Heaven?

Nope. I don’t think so. Why not? We won’t need them. Paul said in 1 Corinthians 13:12 that now we see as in a dark colored glass – but then we shall see face to face. In other words, though the Bible helps us see and understand – we cannot yet see as fully as we will be able. We will realize the fullness and glory and greatness and joy and satisfaction and longing and anticipation of our souls when we see and embrace Jesus. Just as their will be no more need of the sun, there will be no more need of words in a Book. We will have THE WORD. Reading the Bible in the literal presence of the King would be like gushing over a love note in the presence of the one who wrote it. The purpose of the note is to pump affection and longing for the one who wrote it – not the note itself. Same with the Bible. The purpose of the Bible is to pump affection and joy and anticipation to be with the One who wrote it. Now we see as through smudged sunglasses. Then we will see clearly – face to face.

What else would you add to what I have said here?

What other questions do you have?

Keep ’em coming!!!


One thought on “Now THAT’s a Good Question!

  1. J.B. says:

    Good podcast recommendations. I personally listen to Platt & Chandler weekly, Steve Bateman at First Bible in Decatur and this weird guy named Matt Pearson. 🙂 Going to see Louie Giglio at Student Life in Daytona Beach next week. So excited!

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