Five @ Free Flow Friday!


I hope your Fourth of July was a blast and far exceeded your expectations.

Whether or not you are back in the office today  – it’s Friday. Day off yesterday. Weekend tomorrow. Win.

This week, I came across some interesting and helpful articles – all relating to marriage and family.

5 of them are posted below. Enjoy – and – have a GREAT weekend. . .

#1. 20 Ways to Show Love to Your Wife this Weekend by Ron Edmondson

Brag on her to your friends.

Hand wash her car.

Tell her your deepest fears and greatest dreams.

Leave her notes around the house.

Write down 10 reasons she’s the woman of your dreams.

#2. The Top Ten Marriage Fights by Mark Merrill

The well-known adage (one-size-fits-all) for family gatherings goes something like this. ‘Never talk about politics, sex, or religion.’ That’s any family—modern family, traditional family, non-traditional family—you name it.

That well may be a practical suggestion for large get-togethers at Thanksgiving and Christmas, but it’s not the best advice for your marriage. Avoiding difficult topics doesn’t make the tension go away. To the contrary, unwillingness to communicate mostly serves to deepen the divide. Can you spell marriage conflict?

We recommend a marriage that values communication and acknowledges the potential for conflict in the context of mutual respect and affirming love.

#3. 8 Ways Our Partners Influence Our Weightloss by Anika DeCoster

“‘How much support do you have from your partner?’ is a question I consistently ask during nutrition consultations with my clients. Let’s face it, when the one we love is on board with our weight loss plan, all of the new behaviors and changes we set out to make are easier to commit—and stick—to each day.  On the opposite side of the spectrum, their lack of cooperation can tank our success before we even begin!

#4. 3 One-Liners That Have Made a Huge Difference in Our Marriage by Ted Lowe

When I ask people what it takes to have a great marriage, they mostly say one of two things: hard work and good communication. The problem with hard work is that most people work hard at work, and when they get home from work, they don’t want to work anymore. Plus, many people don’t know how to work on their marriage, or they think working on their marriage means good communication. The problem with good communication is that there is typically a spouse who likes to talk and a spouse who doesn’t. I’m not suggesting couples shouldn’t work on their marriage or strive for good communication; I’m just saying many couples don’t. So, what’s the answer? I think the answer is finding super simple applications that work at the speed of life. For instance, my wife and I have incorporated three one-liners into our marriage that have been nothing short of life altering.

#5. How to Measure Success as a Parent by Reggie Joiner

It has more to do with how you spend your time than how you spend your money. Children need a relationship more than they need things. But when parents come home at the end of the day, there’s not a lot of energy or creativity left over for relationships. The fact is there is no substitute for time. Parents need to rethink and reprioritize how they spend it.


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