Five @ Free Flow Fridays!

I don’t know about you, but I need ALL the help I can get when it comes to intentionally helping people understand and embrace the Gospel. Each of today’s links aim to help you/me/us do just that.

Enjoy the articles. But please don’t JUST enjoy them. Intentionally put the lessons here into practice right way.


#1. 8 Evangelism Lessons from an Unlikely Convert by Nicholas McDonald

Dr. Butterfield is a former lesbian and literature professor at Syracuse University, and is now a Christian mother married to a pastor in the Reformed Presbyterian Church. In the interview, she shares the story of her unlikely conversion and speaks frankly with Christians about how we can be better witnesses.

#2. 1 Smart and Simple Way to Share Your Faith: Brag about Jesus by Taylor Buzzard

I believe many of you share my desire to be more natural at introducing people to Jesus, the real Jesus. This exercise was so helpful to me that I wanted to share it with you. People love stories. They want to know what God has done for you.”

#3. 3 Ways the Gospel Changes How We Tip by Jared Totten

The most personally painful moments have come when the occasional Christian convention or retreat takes over the hotel and the entire group tips poorly. I’ve found myself apologizing to my fellow tipped employees—even trying to use the opportunity as a springboard into presenting the gospel. Believe me, that’s a tough sell! . . . nothing models gospel grace like a generous tip even after a server has blown it and failed to ‘make it right.’ I know this is a hard pill to swallow for many of us (myself included), but why should the tip be the last thing to be impacted by the grace that has been poured out on us?

#4. Are You Able to Let Go of Traditions? by Tony Morgan

What would happen if the Church started doing less, but we encouraged people to do more outside the Church? What would happen if churches focused on what God called them to do, and empowered people to do what God calls them to do?

#5. Is the Church for Christians? by Paul Alexander

Could it be that the reason that many Churches are stuck today, is because they’ve been sold a lie that says Church is for Christians? That’s absolute opposite direction of what God has called His people to.

What’s a main ‘take away’ for you from these articles?


15 thoughts on “Five @ Free Flow Fridays!

  1. You know I like these! Good job of research and selection of relevant blog posts.

    • Thanks dad. When are you gonna start writing some more? I would love for you to share your heart for evangelism, and what the Lord is currently teaching you on your blog – and I know others would too!

      • Sarah Kinard says:

        This is all SO interesting to me. Thanks, Matt, and your dad and others. On the question about the church doing less and believers doing more outside to spread the gospel, one reader expressed alarm that that would not actually happen. The secret (or not so secret) is obedience to the call of God in our lives. Without the assignment from God, it won’t work, but when we answer the call, it will work. God does not fail.

  2. Becky says:

    Dear Pastor Matt,
    Thank you for posting these ideas for your church people to ponder, and perhaps actually step out of our “comfort zones”! We have a dear friend who was our neighbor in Houston. After she had attended our landlord’s funeral, she met us in our driveway still devastated. We began to try to comfort her with our words, such as: “We know Fred is in heaven now–a better place than this earth!” She became very upset with our words and informed us that DEAD is DEAD! She went on to tell us that she was a non-practicing Jew, who’s father never taught her the Bible, just went to synagogue on Holy Days. I was so excited to know she was Jew, and happily hugged her and told her she is One of God’s family! She told us she had noticed that we left our home every Sunday morning, and assumed we were going to some church. We told her we attended Sharpstown Baptist, and she backed away from us at least ten feet! To make a long story short, we still write her e-mails and visit with her on the phone sometimes. We are still praying that she will be drawn to the Messianic Jewish congregation which is a part of Sharpstown church! In the meantime, she knows that we love her and are praying for her needs each day.

  3. Ilene Harral says:

    Great! I can’t wait to finish reading all of these. Thanks for good food for thought! Maybe we old dogs can learn new tricks or even just be more comfortable with changes in churches.

    Ilene Harral

  4. Libby Kloap says:

    I haven’t read the articles, but I am so proud of you for writing a blog entry! After a week of VBS, this entry shows your commitment! You’re a keeper! I will let the deacons know… LOL

  5. Connie says:

    Oh my goodness. Your Dad and I just listened to the entire hour-long interview included with article #1. Absolutely powerful and gripping. We sat here nodding and agreeing. We — as “cleaned up” church people — have so, so much to learn.

  6. Donna Rushen says:

    Thank you for “getting me to” Dr. Butterfield’s interview. I have not been so mesmerized and captured by a speaker in a long time. I am definitely going to buy her book! Amazed at how God works continually in our lives and through the people we “meet” to bring about his purposes, I listened, enthralled, to the entire interview. I have a new friend here in SC that has brought the issue of how the church responds to homosexuality to my doorstep. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this personal testimony! I know God is breaking my heart and teaching me! Thank you for being a tool in His belt.

    I know you are a pastor used by God. Thank you for allowing Him to use you!

    Donna Rushen
    Summerville, SC

  7. […] In case you missed it, a couple of weeks ago I posted other helpful articles on evangelism. You can find them here. […]

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