Now THAT’s a Good Question!

The question for this Monday’s post is, well, kinda gross. images

It’s a question that – if you read the first couple chapters of Genesis close enough – you begin to wonder, “how in the world?”

Here goes:

If Adam and Eve gave birth to Cain and Abel, where did the other ‘woman’ come from for them to reproduce and have children?


See? Kinda gross.

First and foremost – we have to stick with the Bible. Always, always, always, always stick with the Bible.

Here’s what we’re told:

Now Adam had sexual relations with his wife, Eve, and she became pregnant. When she gave birth to Cain, she said, “With the Lord’s help, I have produced a man!” Later she gave birth to his brother and named him Abel. . . 

17 Cain had sexual relations with his wife, and she became pregnant and gave birth to Enoch. Then Cain founded a city, which he named Enoch, after his son. 18 Enoch had a son named Irad. Irad became the father of Mehujael. Mehujael became the father of Methushael. Methushael became the father of Lamech.

19 Lamech married two women. The first was named Adah, and the second was Zillah. 20 Adah gave birth to Jabal, who was the first of those who raise livestock and live in tents. 21 His brother’s name was Jubal, the first of all who play the harp and flute.22 Lamech’s other wife, Zillah, gave birth to a son named Tubal-cain. He became an expert in forging tools of bronze and iron. Tubal-cain had a sister named Naamah. . . 

25 Adam had sexual relations with his wife again, and she gave birth to another son. She named him Seth,  for she said, “God has granted me another son in place of Abel, whom Cain killed.”26 When Seth grew up, he had a son and named him Enosh. At that time people first began to worship the Lord by name. [Genesis 4:1-2, 17-26]

This is all we’re told.

Adam and Eve had Cain, Abel, and Seth.

Seth had Enosh.

Abel was murdered by Cain.

Cain and his wife had Enoch.

Enoch had Irad. Irad had Mehujael. Mejujael had Methushael. Methushael had Lamech.

Read more of their descendants in Genesis 5.

This is ALL we’re told.

My counsel? Don’t EVER make an argument where the Bible is silent. 

We can speculate some. But – at the end of the day – the Bible doesn’t say. So we just don’t know for sure. If the Bible doesn’t say – then God doesn’t think it would help or hurt in our relationship with Him. Remember – the purpose of the Bible is NOT to answer every question under the sun. The Bible’s purpose is to reveal God to us and how we can know Him and be right with Him.

It doesn’t tell us about dinosaurs.

It doesn’t tell us how to bake a cake.

It doesn’t tell us how to change a tire.

It doesn’t explain to us the purpose of twitter.

And it doesn’t tell ‘with who’ Abel had kids.

A couple of speculations:

1. The purpose of Genesis 4 & 5 – GENEALOGY.

Notice the focus on names of men in these chapters. Why? To trace genealogy. These lists and births aren’t there to tell us HOW these births happened – but that they did happen and who the people came from.

2. The law had not yet been given. 

The law didn’t come until later. The law was given to inform us of what is and isn’t sin. So, if Adam and Eve did have a girl and that girl was Cain’s sister and Cain . . . well, you know . . . then how was he to know it was wrong? Gross, maybe . . . but sin? If brother/sister incest IS how it happened, there was no law YET to reveal it as sin.

3. God can do ANYTHING He wants. 

Who’s to say God didn’t create other humans like Adam and Eve? This is doubtful, I know. Our family tree is traced back to Adam and Eve. I get that, believe that, and hold to that. But at the same time, we humans don’t ever need to put limits on God to do whatever He chooses. Who’s to say He couldn’t create a ‘non-sibling’ wife for Cain and Seth?

4. Even if it was through sinful incest. . . 

Let’s say the births did come about through sinful brother/sister incest. In a way, aren’t you glad? Yes, you read that right. If God can take the mess of gross incest and make it into something beautiful (a generation of people made for Him and from whom the Messiah came) – don’t you think He can take the mess we’ve made of our lives and do the same? God works ALL things together for good. ALL.

Again, I repeat: Don’t EVER make an argument where the Bible is silent.

We can speculate. We can wonder. We can try to put the missing pieces together. But if it ain’t there – it just ain’t there.

Always, always, always stick with the Bible. Deal?


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