Five @ Free Flow Friday!

Hard to believe, but today is the last Friday in July 2013.

The bad news? August means school starts back.



The reality? The next few weeks includes the potential for us to meet a lot of new people. How? Some of you will be taking a final ‘vacation’ before it all starts again. Some of you will be taking your first vacation of the summer. Most all of us will meet new teachers for our kids and new parents of their classmates, etc. People will be moving to our town in order to be here before school starts.

Meeting New people = Potential for Gospel Impact

That being said, below are five articles I hope will help you get better at being intentional in evangelism.

Enjoy. . .

#1. 5 Evangelism Tips by Jake Chambers

Earlier this year God woke me up from my sleep and asked me questions about evangelism. Questions like, ‘How many people did you share the gospel with this past year? How many people did you invite to gatherings? Why?’ It was one of those gracious conversations that made me realize I was not evangelizing primarily because of my selfishness. I am too selfish to regularly tell people the best news in the world.

#2 9 Signs Your Church is Ready to Reach Unchurched People by Carey Nieuwhof

Unchurched people do not come ‘pre-converted’. They will have lifestyle issues that might take years to change (and let’s be honest, don’t you?). Cleaning up your behaviour is not a pre-condition for salvation, at least not in Christianity. What God has done for us in Jesus saves us; not what we have done for God. Is your congregation really ready to love unchurched people, not just judge them? One of Jesus’ genius approaches was to love people into life change. 

#3. Don’t Complicate the Missionary Call by David Sitton

No aspect of mission is more bogged down with extra-biblical baggage than the ‘Missionary Call.’ The clear command of Christ ‘to go’ should be, by itself, sufficient to set you on your way to unreached regions. You can’t go wrong by trying to go. Be aggressive to go. The Lord will direct your moving feet.”

#4. 10 Insights to Help us Better Relate to Others by Thom Rainer

. . . as Christians we are called to relate to people who might not ‘normally’ be our best friend. We are to have big hearts that have room for a host of hurting people.

#5. 4 Questions Everyone Needs to Ask by Pete Wilson

Your deepest purposes must bring good to someone who is without justice, reconciliation, or hope. It might be abused women, orphans in Africa, or business men who don’t know Christ.

In case you missed it, a couple of weeks ago I posted other helpful articles on evangelism. You can find them here.

What articles have you come across that would help us get better at sharing the Good News?



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