TJ Maxx Grand Opening on Sunday? Why Not?


When I heard TJ Maxx was coming to El Dorado, I was excited. No, not because I get kicks from shopping for clothes. Nor because I see myself going in a lot (unless they have great sweater vests – just kidding Katie – I am getting over it. . . sort of). I was excited because that meant another good, quality store for El Dorado. Though it’s not Chick-Fil-A (yet!), it is still movement in the right direction and great for our city.

But when I heard the grand opening was on a Sunday morning, I wasn’t so excited. In fact, it fired me up a bit. I pulled out my Tasmanian Devil voice and went off for a few minutes. “Why not Saturday morning? Or Friday morning? It’s summertime! The kids aren’t in school yet for crying out loud! Why not any other time??? Sunday morning? Come on! Don’t they know that people are gonna go to the Grand Opening and probably skip chu. . . ”

Then it hit me.

Why wouldn’t they open up on Sunday morning???

So many aren’t coming to church anyway. And many who do go to church love an excuse not to go. Why not plan a Grand Opening when the most people would come?

The more I thought about the grand opening of TJ Maxx, the more I have realized that it’s not TJ Maxx‘s fault they planned it on a Sunday morning. No, no.

It’s the church’s.

I can’t help but believe the decision of the TJ Maxx people to open up the store in El Dorado is more of a commentary on the church than it is a commentary on any kind of ‘rude indecency’ of a clothing store establishment.

I don’t blame TJ Maxx. I blame people like me.

I can get mad at local and secular establishments all I jolly well want to. But until God’s people (me!) repent of going through the motions of church on Sunday morning and beg God to come and make His presence known among His people in powerful and supernatural and glorious and life-changing ways, we can hang it up (no pun intended).

Seriously, we can.

People go to a clothing story to get what? Clothes.

People go to a burger joint to get what? Burgers.

People go to a gas pump to get what? Gas.

People go to a pizza place to get what? Pizza.

People go to a church to get what? GOD.

When local establishments deliver on their promises more than the church does, where do we think the town is going to go on Sundays?

Would you please join me in praying for the Spirit of God to descend mightily on His people again?

Would you pray Isaiah 64 for FBC El Dorado and/or for your church and city?

Would you pray there come a day soon when the idea of having a Grand Opening on Sunday morning would not even be a thought? Not because owners and managers ‘straighten up,’ but because Sundays are known for when God meets powerfully with His people and magnificently changes lives?

The ‘higher ups’ at TJ Maxx aren’t the ones who need to repent. I don’t blame them. I probably would have done the same thing were I in their shoes. I am the one who needs to repent. . . and pray TJ Maxx is very successful in El Dorado . . . on Monday – Saturday.


5 thoughts on “TJ Maxx Grand Opening on Sunday? Why Not?

  1. Rodney Wimberly says:


  2. Dominic Mayweather says:

    VERY well said!

  3. Ilene Harral says:

    Thanks Matt, you surely did speak for me! Ilene Harral

    • Becky Isbell says:

      Dear Ilene, I have been praying for you ever since I heard you were in Houston receiving treatment. Hope you are doing better! Come home soon, and please let us know!
      In His Love,

  4. Becky Isbell says:

    Yep! The thought did cross my mind to go and see the store, not buy anything, of course; but then I thought, “Hey! I can wait until tomorrow to look at the super new store in that old trashed out mall!” It is now Tuesday, and I haven’t been there yet! Johnny will be so happy!

    I’ll bet you also realize that Chick-fila closes on Sundays, also Hobby Lobby (one of my favorite stores). The owners are Christians willing to stand up and be counted because of their beliefs! We Christians need to start showing our love for each other and other folks and praying, praying, praying!!!
    Did I say to much???

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