Now THAT’s a Good Question!

Starting today, my 3 children will be under the care and influence of 3 different ladies for 7 hours a day, virtually every weekday, from now until May 2014.

That’s not only a long time, it is a LOT of time.

Let’s say there are 150 ‘normal’ school days this year. Remove lunch, recess, and ‘special’ classes (music, art, etc.) and let’s say each child is with his/her teacher for 4.5 hours of those 150 days. At the bare minimum, that is 675 hours of time with 1 teacher (I’m thinking elementary school here).

675 hours!

That equals 28 full, round the clock, 24 hour days!

2 out of the 3 teachers my children have this year I have never met. I totally trust the school and the school system here in El Dorado, so I know they are great and quality ladies – but think about it – it is like I am sending my children off to a month long camp to be under the care of people I know nothing about.


Which leads me to this:

How can I pray for my child’s school teacher?

Now THAT’s a good question!

Considering the fact that each of my 3 children will be spending this much time under the influence of 1 particular female – I better go to the Father on her behalf – for her good and the good of my children. How can a parent pray for her child’s teacher(s)?

Let me suggest 5 prayers to pray this year – 1 for each day of the week:

Monday – Discernment

Pray for her to have discernment in how to best teach and influence each child, but in particular YOUR child. With 20+ children in a room and each child being different, she will need some MAJOR discernment to know how to lead and teach each child effectively.

Tuesday – Strength

No explanation needed here, but oh my. I cannot imagine how tired teachers must get from time to time. We must go to the Father on their behalf and ask the Lord to grant them strength for the task.

Wednesday – Joy

Ask the Lord who is the Author of joy to give a spirit of joy to your child’s teacher. The classroom environment is a huge factor in how/if your child will learn. Pray for God to grant her joy in what she is doing and joy in how she does it and joy in relating to the children. Were it me, about day 3 I would need about 450 people praying and fasting for me to have it.

Thursday – Family

Your child’s teacher has a family too. What happens at home will directly impact what happens in the classroom. Pray for her marriage (if she is married). Pray for her children  (if she has them). Pray for her home life to be peaceful and fulfilling and right and good.

Friday – Spirit

Your child’s teacher is either a follower of Jesus or not. For those teachers who are – pray to the Lord that she would grow in her faith and understanding of who God is and who God is for her. Pray she would hear from the Lord in church on Sunday and be encouraged and/or challenged to obey Him. For those who aren’t – ask the Lord who saves to help her understand and respond to the glorious Good News of the Gospel. Ask Him to soften her heart to the things of God. Ask the Lord to use you and your child to minister to her.

Tell your child’s teacher you are praying for her.

Ask her how you can pray specifically.

I’ve never met a teacher who didn’t long for help from God!

What prayer requests would you add?

Any teachers out there? Comment below and let us know how we can pray for you. And, by the way, THANK YOU for what you do!


9 thoughts on “Now THAT’s a Good Question!

  1. Becky Isbell says:

    Dear Pastor Matt,
    Thank you for reminding us to pray for our teachers every day! I know several teachers who are already members of our church and I have seen some of the good results of one elementary art teacher, who happens to be in our SS class, and two who are very dedicated teachers in our high school. I will also be praying for Mr. Watson and all the people who will have authority in keeping things running smoothly!
    Our eldest daughter, Amanda, is teaching Spanish I and II at the E-Stem High School in downtown Little Rock. Our two younger daughters, Melissa and Melody, are homeschooling each set of three of our six grandchildren–third grade through 9th graders! We request your prayers also!
    We are also praying for God’s protection from any harm that Satan may be planning!
    In His Love,

  2. I wish I had the ability to say it better but I just don’t. This is one of the best posts you’ve ever written. I hope it is read by many.

  3. Jerry Sadler says:

    This blog is a great reminder of the importance of prayer in our teachers and children’s lives. My wife is a teacher at Yocum elementary, and I can promise you she needs your prayers everyday. The demands that the school system and our ever changing society place on these specially chosen (and yes they are specially chosen) people can be overwhelming, not to mention very difficult due to conflicts with personal beliefs and biblical values.

    Let’s not forget our children on the school days either. As Bro. Matt said these teachers will have the opportunity to greatly influence our children’s lives. My wife and I have committed to saying a little prayer with our daughter right before she enters the CLC doors every morning. I pray for her teachers and for the other children in her class. I pray for her safety. I pray for the fellowship. I pray that even at her young age God will begin to place his “stamp” on her heart and mind so that she will desire more than anything to seek and follow him daily.

    • Jamie Thomas says:

      I am a teacher, just finishing my first week of my sixteenth year of 8th grade English. I wish I could send this to the parents of my 100 students. And I am reminded to pray for the teachers of my three children, too.

  4. Margaret Cupp says:

    As a teacher and mother, thank you for this post!!

  5. Great post.. Thank you for these encouraging words for parents and teachers.

  6. […] An attempt to answer, with one specific request per day of the week, can be found here. […]

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