Inspiration from IMB M’s

I have the honor and privilege of being able to serve as a trustee for THE greatest missions sending agency on the planet – the International Mission Board (IMB) of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC).

The trustees meet 4 times a year for 2 full days of meetings in strategic U.S. cities all over the country.

Beyond doubt, my FAVORITE part is when I get to listen to the M’s (missionaries) share their personal testimonies, call to missions, and prayer requests. I sit on the committee that appoints M’s headed to South Asia (think India – see ‘red’ area below). This means that those I listen to are being called to go to the hardest places in the world.


Hearing their conversion stories and calling to go nourishes and challenges my soul EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Yesterday, I got to hear from 5 different units of M’s being sent out. Below are some quotes I jotted due to the way they spoke to my heart. I trust they will do the same for you.

Enjoy. . .

“This is the Word of God. . .it knows me well.”

“I experienced the presence of God for the very first time at a worship service where other believers were authentically worshipping Him together.”

“I read the book of Acts and I had a longing to experience God like they did.”

“We chose India because we wanted to go where there was the greatest need.”

“I’m just an ordinary person. I am so excited that the Lord is willing to use me!”

“One of my fears is that my church here at home will forget about me.”

“The Father keeps reminding me, ‘Worthy is the Lamb who was slain!'”

“I cannot be disobedient to the calling God has placed on my life.”

“After I trusted Christ, I had an older guy disciple me that worked in the youth ministry.”

“God is not an American.”

“India got in my heart, and I will NEVER get over it.”

“I knew I couldn’t just ‘turn over a new leaf.’ I needed Him to change me.”

“We are taking our family to the area in India with the heaviest Muslim influence.”

“I just want to live a life that cannot be explained apart the hope that lives within me.”


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  1. Todd Klippert says:

    Didn’t quite understand how the youtube video related to the post???


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