Wisdom For Your Wednesday

“Fools have no interest in understanding; they only want to air their own opinions.”

Proverbs 18:2


The author of Proverbs has done it again.

Think about it: Do you know of anyone – including the person reading these words – who hasn’t portrayed the attitude described in verse 2?

The author of Proverbs has called us out, again.

Every spouse has ‘known’ they were right and could care less what the other thought.

Every employee has stated their opinion to nearby coworkers, oblivious to the boss’ reasons.

Every child has blurted out excuses to their parents. images

Every church member has griped about someone or something with no desire to understand why.

Every fan has yelled at the coach or ref or player on TV, having zero desire to know why a play or foul was called.

Really, all of us could spend a majority of our lives without ears. We don’t care to listen to others. We only want others to listen to our blabbering mouth.

But get this: The author of Proverbs isn’t trying to condemn us. This is a warning. It’s a caution not to be an idiot. It’s a warning not to hurt yourself. It’s a plea to be wise. It’s a plea to enhance your life.

A fool doesn’t need ears. He only wants to express his opinion.

A wise person, however, oftentimes doesn’t need a mouth. He lives as if he has nothing BUT ears.

A wise person is eager to know the story – not gossip – but to understand circumstances before expressing a judgment call.

A wise person is quick to get opinions from others.

A wise person seeks counsel .

UnknownA wise person listens to the other side first.

A wise person desires to understand more than be proven right.

A wise person is ‘all ears.’

What will you use more today: Your mouth or your ears?

Here’s a hint: A wise person knows they only have one mouth for a reason.


One thought on “Wisdom For Your Wednesday

  1. Becky Isbell says:

    Dear Pastor, Matt
    You have just hit on one of my biggest “challenges”! I’m still working on real listening even at this “ripe old age”! I have started re-reading my small book, “What Happens When Women Pray”; and Evelyn Christenson is not only talking about learning how to pray, she is teaching “wordy prayers” how to listen! Amazing! Again, one of the reasons for meeting in small groups is to share concerns and prayers!
    I am becoming adjusted to a new set of hearing aids, since I was having trouble hearing the thoughts of some wise people in our SS Class; and also I had been answering questions which Johnny had not asked me??!
    Thankful He Listens to us!

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