Five @ Free Flow Friday!

Confession: I love to sleep.

I am so grateful that our great God designed our bodies to stop and zone out several hours during each 24 hour cycle. And if I could wish for a 10th Fruit of the Spirit I would wish it to be ‘Sleepiness on Sunday Afternoons.’ I would definitely be accused of being filled with the Holy Ghost!!!

Though we are told not to love it too much, we are told that God grants it to those He loves. Thank. You. Lord.

So, before you doze off reading this post, check out the 5 articles linked below on sleep. Then go take a nap.

[FYI: For those of you awake later in the morning, I will post an answer to a question my mom asked a couple of weeks ago: “Where DO you find all these great articles?“]


#1. The Science Behind What Naps Do For Your Brain and Why You Should Have One Today by Beth Belle Cooper

Better sleeping is known to provide lots of health benefits. These can include better heart function, hormonal maintenance and cell repair as well as boosting memory and improving cognitive function. Basically, sleeping gives your body a chance to deal with everything that happened during the day, repair itself, and reset for tomorrow.

‘Nuff said. Night, night. Zzzzzzzzz


#2. Sleep and the Teenage Brain by Maria Popova

Studies of teenagers around the globe have found that adolescent brains do not start releasing melatonin until around eleven o’clock at night and keep pumping out the hormone well past sunrise. Adults, meanwhile, have little-to-no melatonin in their bodies when they wake up. With all that melatonin surging through their bloodstream, teenagers who are forced to be awake before eight in the morning are often barely alert and want nothing more than to give in to their body’s demands and fall back asleep.

Where was this study when I was in high school?


#3. Teaching Your Child to Worship by Diana Davis

For the entire hour, he never even looked up. An older girl nearby was sprawled out napping on the pew. Both children’s parents were engaged in worship, yet they missed the opportunity to help their kids worship God. 

Christian parent, are you intentional about engaging your child in true worship? As soon as he’s past nursery age, you have the privilege of training up your child to enjoy worship services.

This one is for parents of children to help them NOT to sleep during church. What do you think? 


#4. A Brief Theology of Sleep by John Piper

Why did God design us to need sleep? We sleep a third of our lives. Just think of it: a third of our lives spent like dead men. Just think of everything being left undone that could be done had God not designed us to need sleep. There is surely no doubt that he could have created us with no need for sleep. And just think, everyone could devote himself to two careers, and not feel tired. Everyone could be a ‘full-time Christian worker’ and still keep his job. There is so much of our Father’s business we could be about.

Click on the link above and read the article. Trust me. You will be glad you did. 


#5. How Long to Nap for the Biggest Benefits by Melanie Pinola

Finally, the 90-minute nap will likely involve a full cycle of sleep, which aids creativity and emotional and procedural memory, such as learning how to ride a bike. Waking up after REM sleep usually means a minimal amount of sleep inertia. . .”

I didn’t see a category for the ‘2 Hour Plus Naps.’ What’s the point of taking one????


One thought on “Five @ Free Flow Friday!

  1. Rodney Wimberly says:

    There is an old C&W song that’s says “you don’t miss your water until the well runs dry” and anyone who has gone long periods, for whatever reason, without a good night’s sleep, when they finally do get a good night’s sleep knows the meaning of that song and what a gift from God a good night’s sleep is.

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