Now THAT’s a Good Question! Special Friday Edition

A couple of weeks ago, my mom asked (who, if you know her, can testify that she is the QUEEN of QUESTIONS) me this in response a ‘Five @ Free Flow Friday!’ post: “Where DO You Find All These Great Articles?


Now THAT’s a Good Question!

I am always looking for a good article to read or share. Always.

But the bulk of my ‘findings’ can be found in these 5 places:

#1. Twitter

The reason I tweet is to both give and get information. I don’t care when you go to the bathroom and what you ate for supper last night. I assume you don’t care when I do/what I had either. At least, I hope you don’t care. But I do care to read a good article. When I check my Twitter feed, I am constantly looking for linked articles to send to my Evernote email account to view later.

You can see who I follow here.

By far, this is the primary source I find the most articles of interest.


#2. Thom Rainer’s Website. (Follow him on Twitter)

I know of no better website/blog devoted to helping churches get healthy. In particular Southern Baptist churches.


#3. Tim Challies’ Blog. (Follow him on Twitter)

Every day he posts what is called ‘A La Carte.’ It includes links to 5-7 articles of interest, primarily for evangelical world.


#4. Zach Nielson’s Blog. (Follow him on Twitter)

Random articles of interest posted pretty much all day, every day.


#5. Danny Franks’ Blog. (Follow him on Twitter)

Not only is he the funniest man alive – but he is a tremendous writer, ‘First Impressions’ guru, and links to some GREAT stuff every Thursday. Go check it out . . . and tell him Matt Pearson said, “It really is all about the pie!”





2 thoughts on “Now THAT’s a Good Question! Special Friday Edition

  1. Connie says:

    Thanks, son, for your insightful reply. I am already a big fan of Danny Franks and Thom Rainer (after YOU, of course). For the time being, I will continue to trust you to glean through your other sources to find quality reading material for all of us. By the way, you got your “love of sleep” directly from me. Your Dad could learn from both of us in that area. 🙂

  2. Danny says:

    No doubt. The pie is key. I’m all about some pie.

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