Five @ Free Flow Friday!

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Grand Theft Auto V.

Duck Dynasty.

Have a great weekend . . . and don’t forget to share your thoughts below.

#1. Coach Hugh Freeze: What Matters Most by Marilyn Tinnin

‘I have vowed to God that no player would ever play for me and not hear the gospel,’ Hugh says. He has obviously thought through this whole ‘What’s my legacy’ kind of thing. His thoughts are totally Hugh Freeze. ‘I would love for each one of our players to have a personal relationship with Christ when they leave here. And then I would love for them to say that as they played for me, they played for a man that was consistent in his faith, in his speech, in his actions, and that I loved them and they could trust me.’

I’m not an Ole Miss fan. But reading articles like this makes me want to pull for this coach. Wow. 


#2. Three Reasons Why My Sons Aren’t Playing Football (This Year) by Jason Kallen

The point is not cultural isolationism—that never works and isn’t a healthy Christian aspiration. In fact, it is a losing strategy that cuts against the grain of the Great Commission itself. Yet, in a healthier scenario, there is enough ambient morality that you don’t feel like years of parental effort are being undermined daily.

I am not willing to permit such an unhealthy influence over my sons at such an impressionable age. Priority one is to shepherd my children’s hearts. I can live without hearing my 6-year-old son’s name called on the loudspeaker, but I can’t live with myself if I lose his heart along the way.

Very, very, very interesting points to say the least. What do you think?


#3. I Sold Too Many Copies of GTA V to Parents. . .  by Kotaku  (*WARNING: This post is from a secular site written by an anonymous ‘veteran’ video game retailer. There are a couple of words I wish were not a part of article or title. I include it here because I think what he says is so important for us parents to consider and heed.)

When I recite the phrases from the ESRB ratings box on the back cover of an M-rated game and it just goes right over your head I feel the need to be more specific. So I mention things like a game having a first-person view of half-naked strippers or that the game has a mission that forces you to torture another human being.

In response, I often hear things like, ‘Oh, it’s for my older son’ or ‘All his friends already have it.’

Then I wonder to myself how often the youngest child watches the ‘older son’ playing and if ‘all his friends’ were to jump off a cliff… I don’t tell you these things because I don’t like your parenting style. It is because, when I look at little Timmy there in my store, I can’t help but picture him as the little boy sitting across the table from my daughter in her first grade class.

#4. The Greatest Entertainment Launch in History by Tim Challies

GTA V is significant in that it shows how many men are playing video games. We hear statistics about the average gamer being in his low to mid-thirties and this week’s sales record backs that up. While children and teens certainly do consume vast quantities of games, the industry is growing in its appeal to older men—men who grew up playing games and who will continue to do so. Video games are not evil in and of themselves. In many cases they can be a very legitimate form of entertainment, just like movies and books and other media. But people who enjoy sex and violence will demand those elements in their games.”

#5. In Defense of Duck Dynasty by Jesse Carey

Duck Dynasty has become America’s most popular show—not because it’s salacious, dramatic or provocative. It’s become so popular because it’s decidedly not any of those things. Sure, the main characters with their burly beards, quotable one-liners and Southern charm have their eccentricities, but the show isn’t successful because of what viewers can’t relate to; it’s popular because it’s so relatable. Most people know what it’s like to joke around with family members, pray before a meal and goof off with co-workers—we relate to what we’re seeing with the Robertsons.


Question: Is it weird to you that currently the #1 rated show on cable is Duck Dynasty AND the top selling entertainment resource is Grand Theft Auto V? Opinions on how/why this could be so?



2 thoughts on “Five @ Free Flow Friday!

  1. Rodney Wimberly says:

    “At the end of the age, though, I’ll not be judged by my sons’ batting averages or varsity letters, but by whether or not I shepherded their hearts toward Christ. Football can be integral to the shepherding process, but when it chokes out family life and undermines spiritual formation, I’ll punt on it every time.”


  2. Rodney Wimberly says:

    “..,prayers around the dinner table…”

    I personally do not understand the insanity I see over Duck Dynasty, watched it once and thought it inane and silly, “…prayers around the dinner table…”, according to I believe Willie in an article I read was one of several endings filmed and tested, this was just the one that “clicked” (exact quote), so in other words if them out shooting ducks was what “clicked” the show would not be ending with “…prayers around the dinner table…”. I applaud their success and wish the family nothing but the best, but they are not saints, Matt Pearson’s pastoring of FBC will lead more people to Jesus than DD will ever dream of; if only Christians were as taken with Jesus as as they are Duck Dynasty.

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