Throw It Out There Thursdays!!


In case you missed it last week, I started something new on Thursdays for the readers of the blog/those who attend FBC. You can read the what and why here.

Today I want to “Throw 2 Something’s Out There” that aren’t really ‘new news’ or ‘secret’ stuff the FBC faithful is unaware of. But they are REALLY BIG NEWS’S nevertheless and I want to ensure you don’t miss ’em.

The first thing I want to ‘Throw Out There’ is beginning this Sunday – October 6th – Tony Weston will begin as our Intentional Music Minister Interim!!!!!!!

Yes. THE Tony Weston.

Yes. THIS Sunday.

Yes. Intentional Music Minister Interim (A fancy way to say that he has agreed to be on staff, full-time, as our music dude, for at least 6 months while we continue our search).

I. Can’t. Wait.

The second thing to ‘Throw Out’ is FBC will be observing The Lord’s Supper ordinance  for 8 weeks straight – throughout all of October and November – beginning THIS Sunday.

Yes. THE Lord’s Supper.

Yes. EVERY Sunday, starting THIS Sunday.

Yes. Through October AND November.

It will help us highlight the point of Paul’s letter to the Galatians that I will be preaching through during these weeks.

I. Can’t Wait.

I almost couldn’t wait until Thursday to ‘Throw’ these things at you. It’s gonna be awesome. Throw ’em out to others. Get the word out. Make sure you bring someone with you.

See you Sunday if not before!


4 thoughts on “Throw It Out There Thursdays!!

  1. Would have had to “upped the juice” budget if you had done that with Luke…just sayin’…:)

  2. J.B. says:

    8 straight weeks. That’s awesome! Growing up in the SBC, I have always felt that we don’t observe that NEARLY as often as we should. How often do we need to reflect on what Christ went through for us? A lot more than twice a year. Just sayin.

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