Five @ Free Flow Friday!

You know what I find myself saying a lot?


One, because it’s funny to say and sing (thank you, Sweet Brown) .

But two, because it is TRUE. Ain’t NOBODY got time.

Time is precious. And, the older I get, it goes by faster and faster.

Thus, today’s Five @ Free Flow Friday provides articles to help you (and me!) get a bit better and more intentional with the time we have been given.


What are some articles you have come across that have helped?

#1. 3 Questions to Keep You Connected With Those that Matter Most by Justin and Trisha Davis

Life is busy. It isn’t that we don’t have good intentions when it comes to staying connected as a family, it’s just hard to be intentional. I’ve never drifted into spiritual health. I’ve never seen our family drift into quality time together. We’ve never drifted into deep, meaningful, life-giving conversations. Those things have to be chosen.”

#2. 18 Obstacles to Personal Devotions in the Digital Age by David Murray

Australian research found that ‘If pastors could do only one thing to help people at all levels of spiritual maturity grow in their relationship with Christ…they would inspire, encourage, and equip their people to read the Bible—specifically, to reflect on Scripture for meaning in their lives.’

“Similarly, The Center for Bible Engagement discovered that ‘the number one thing you can do for yourself spiritually is read the Bible four times a week or more. Read it this frequently, and your life looks completely different to those who don’t read the Bible, or read it less than that.’

“Another survey that resulted in the book What 1000 Churches Reveal About Spiritual Growth, found that ‘Reflection on Scripture is, by far, the most influential personal spiritual practice.‘”

#3. 20 Tips for Personal Devotions in the Digital Age by David Murray

Take guilt to God: Mention devotions to most Christians and the guilt meter goes straight to red: guilt over failure to do them, guilt over lack of profit in them, guilt over rushing through them. As there’s nothing so motivating as starting with a clean sheet, let’s take all our guilt to God and find the energy and freedom that comes from a full and free forgiveness in Jesus Christ.

GREAT advice here.

#4. 6 Benefits of Ordinary Daily Devotions by Jon Bloom

Private devotions aren’t magic. We know that (for the most part).

But still, we can be tempted to think that if we just figure out the secret formula — the right mixture of Bible meditation and prayer — we will experience euphoric moments of rapturous communion with the Lord. And if that doesn’t happen, our formula must be wrong.

The danger of this misconception is that it can produce chronic disappointment and discouragement. Cynicism sets in and we give up or whip through them to alleviate guilt because devotions don’t seem to work for us.”


#5. Want to Conquer a New Skill? Do It Every Day by Drake Baer

Why does the do-it-a-bunch technique work? Take it away, science:

  • On average, an action becomes an “automatic” habit after 66 days of doing
  • The subconscious mind rebels against big changes, but you can woo it with gradual shifts
  • The more familiar a task is, the less scary it is.”

Whoever found out that “The subconscious mind rebels against big changes” had to have surveyed a Southern Baptist Church! 


2 thoughts on “Five @ Free Flow Friday!

  1. Libby says:

    Thanks for the encouragement!!

  2. says:

    You are still a kid, just wait until you reach my age.  A month goes by in one week.   Richard


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