Throw It Out There Thursday!


Something that I want to ‘Throw Out There’ today for the FBC faithful is an evaluation I send to first time guests who come on a Sunday morning.

That’s right: Every Monday I send a first timer a letter from me, a $10 PJ’s gift card, an anonymous evaluation form, and a self-addressed stamped envelope for them to mail back to the church.

Here’s what’s on the form:

FBC Sunday AM Worship Service Guest Evaluation

Date Attended: ____________________________________

#1. What I liked MOST about the Worship Service:

#2. What I liked LEAST about the Worship Service:

#3. I really wish __________________ would have been available as I tried to park and get into the church building(s): (Please write answer below)


#4. I could see and hear everything clearly throughout the service:

Yes                              No                   (Circle One)

If ‘No,’ please explain.

#5. I was greeted by someone before I sat down in a pew.             Yes              No

#6. I would gladly recommend FBC to a friend or acquaintance.  Yes                    No

#7. Did you feel comfortable finding a place to sit, or did you wish for more room?

Comfortable                               Wished for more available space

#8. ____________________ distracted me from worshipping & hearing from the Lord.

(Please write answer below)

#9. On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your overall worship experience?

1          2          3          4          5          6          7          8          9          10 (Circle One)                      Awful!                                   Average                                            Incredible!

#10. Additional Thoughts?

(Feel free to write on the back)


Now, let me ‘Throw THIS Out There’ . . .

So far, the ones I have received have been very positive. However, one I received this week – though overall positive – marked “No” on #5 and circled “Wished for More Space” on #7 (please go back and read #5 and #7).

Think about that. This first time guest had no one speak to them before they sat down and wished there was more room.

Discussions are happening as to what to do for space. But can I ‘Throw this out there’ and request a couple of things?

(1). Refuse to sit down until you speak to someone you don’t recognize. 

(2). Wait a while to sit down to make sure everyone else has a good seat.

(3). Recognize that if a guest is uncomfortable BEFORE the service starts – they probably won’t be able to properly hear and process the truths of the Word during the service. 

Let’s remember FBC: It ain’t about us. It’s about us being used of God to influence others – showing them it’s really all about Him.

See you Sunday if not before.




6 thoughts on “Throw It Out There Thursday!

  1. cindysl says:

    It’s great to let members know you are doing this and it helps remind us what we should be doing. Thanks for the challenge- happily accepted!

  2. Becky Isbell says:

    Dear Pastor,
    You may have met or heard of Tim Lovelace in your travels. He and his beautiful wife had a musical and comedy performance in El Dorado Auditorium several years ago, and brought the house down with this song: “Don’t You Sit In My Pew!” It is possible to get on you tube and watch him sing it.
    Certainly describes what FBC and many older churches are having happen every Sunday!!

    We have had the same type experience in other churches as we travel!

    Wish we could have them come to El Dorado again! Delightful and Descriptive!

    Thanks for your efforts!

  3. Danny Franks says:

    I love this. Great plan for keeping your finger on the pulse of your guests!

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