Five @ Free Flow Friday!

I love me some Fridays. Unknown

Heck, I heart me some Fridays.

I ESPECIALLY heart THIS particular Friday because I get to spend the entire day with my gorgeous wife.

(Thank you Lord for Public Schools & Parent’s Night Out at FBC!!!!)

For the blog – however – this is the day where I sit back and let others do the writing.

The topic for the day? Marriage and Family. If you do not get a chance to read all of ’em, PLEASE – PLEASE – PLEASE take a few minutes to read the first one below. I promise – you will be glad you did.

Ready, Set, . . . . Go.

#1. Why Christian Parents Should Not Want Good, Happy, Safe Kids by David Prince

The most important gift that parents provide their children is a loving, gospel-centered, marriage. This is foundational for faithful Christian parenting because God’s design for marriage is that it be a living picture of Christ and the church (Eph 5:32). The relationship between husband and wife is the closest and most sacred on earth and must be a priority. Yet too many Christian families are guilty of child idolatry. Parents, who center their lives on their children to the neglect of Jesus Christ and their marriage relationship, are unwittingly training them in a life of narcissistic discontentment.


I fear that in the name of nice, happy, safe children many Christian families are practically abandoning “the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints” (Jude 3). Affirming the gospel message with our lips but parenting on a daily basis as if it is not true will have disastrous consequences. Adults who believe life is about being nice, happy and safe do not joyfully commit their lives to take the gospel to the ends of the earth (Acts 5:41).”

I mean it when I say this: Prince’s article might be one of the best and most important pieces on parenting I have read this year. What do you think?

#2. A Surprising Way to Find More Satisfaction in Your Marriage by Gary Thomas

You’ll have far more success and satisfaction in your marriage if you start asking more of God and less of your spouse.”

What a novel idea!

#3. Why Killing Spiders Makes My Marriage Better by Gary Thomas

“The pursuit of marital intimacy requires agreeing to kill certain “spiders” that bug our spouse, just because they bug our spouse.”

What is your spouse’s ‘spider’????

#4. American Family Life: The People We’re Trying to Reach by Tony Morgan

For those of us doing ministry in the U.S., particularly in the suburbs, this is our mission field. These are the folks we’re trying to reach. They live cluttered lives. They’re burdened by time and financial constraints. They are part of a very consumer-driven culture. We need to keep that in mind as we design ministries to help them take their next steps toward Christ. Our ministry should help them prioritize, de-clutter their lives and remove burdens–not add to them.”

What do you think? Are we – as churches – helping or hurting our families?

#5. How to Determine Whether to Insulate or Isolate Your Children by Mark Merrill

Raising kids is complicated.  There are so many moments when we wonder if we’re doing things right. Should I let my teenager go to that friend’s house, even though I know his parents may not be home?  Or would it be better to just keep my son at home tonight? Should I insulate or completely isolate my child from perceived or potential temptation, bad influences, or pain?


5 thoughts on “Five @ Free Flow Friday!

  1. Mark Hosler says:

    I have never been much of a “blog-reader”. A few weeks ago, Pastor Brian had a link to your blog on his facebook page and I went to check it out. I have been following your blog entries since then and have enjoyed them. You have shared some great insights about life and ministry. Thanks.

  2. Becky Isbell says:

    Dear Pastor Matt,
    #4 especially jumps off the page at me! Our lives can become so cluttered with all kinds of activities; some important, some not so important! While raising four children, with Johnny often traveling, I sometimes fell into zooming from one expected “job” to another. Every so often, I would be confronted with two expected meetings at once. It helped me so much to sit down early in the mornings and “rest with the One who knows me inside and out”!
    I also hung a small writing in the hallway of our home, where I was reminded, ‘THE BEST THING TO SPEND ON CHILDREN IS TIME’!
    Our family was always involved in church activities and volunteer work, and I began to choose ones where at least one or two of our children would be involved also. Others, I re-evaluated and put aside for later.
    Our lives were not perfect, but we have many happy memories of days when our children were growing up!
    Prayer can bring us back to what is important!
    Thanks again for being interested in all of your “people”!
    In His Love,
    Becky and Johnny

  3. Rodney Wimberly says:

    “Of all of the names people called Jesus in the Bible, never once was he referred to as nice or safe. Jesus was described as one who speaks with authority, a madman, a glutton, a blasphemer, a sinner and as one who acted by demonic power. Jesus did not cozy up comfortably with the wisdom of the world but rather turned the wisdom of the world upside down.” David Prince (#1)

    • Rodney Wimberly says:

      p.s. I am tweeting this one to all of my Twitter followers, one of the best articles I have read in a while. Packed with truth!

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