Throw It Out There Thursday!

Alrighty. images

Here goes.

This Saturday, FBC is hosting its first ever outside, Saturday afternoon “FunFest.”      I’m going to throw something out there that EVERY FBC member needs to know BEFORE you arrive on the scene Saturday at 3 PM:


Nope. It ain’t.

And. . . (gasp). . .


It is for the mommies and daddies and kiddos who don’t go to FBC, or any other church.

FBC is putting this thing on FOR THEM. We will be there serving THEM.

Everything is F-R-E-E. Why? Not so you can work on your waste line. It’s so we can offer a small taste of the Gospel to the unchurched on our campus (how much did the Gospel cost you to get?).

FunFest is on a Saturday. Why? So you can meet and relate to someone you don’t know and invite them to meet you back there the next morning for worship.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE come with an attitude of serving others in the name of Jesus, rather than “you better give me my ButterFinger or you’re ’bout to go meet Jesus.”

Do I hope your children have fun and get some candy? Yes. I know mine will be all over the place seeing how much they can throw down before their mommy catches them. But if you are just in it for that, go to Brookshire’s, buy a bag of candy, stay home and play a game outside in your own backyard, and give each other candy.

The purpose of FunFest ain’t for FBC. No, no. It’s for FBC to serve non-FBCers in the hopes that ultimately they would taste and see how good Jesus is.

My good friend Danny Franks asked these questions in a very thought provoking post about this very thing: “What if we got crazy intentional this year about hosting church events that unchurched people might actually show up for? What if we built new relationships outside rather than simply maintaining relationships inside?”

Again, just throwing this out there, but isn’t the purpose of an outreach event to reach OUT?

Who’s with me?

Who will commit to meet and relate to someone you don’t know this Saturday?


One thought on “Throw It Out There Thursday!

  1. Pat Thompson says:

    IF you have never visited FBC you are in for the most amazing, happy, friendly, casual dressing people in this area, who by the way, LOVE JESUS CHRIST, SUNDAY EVENING, 5:30 pm we will have SUNDAY NITE LIVE, MUSIC, PRAISE SONGS, AND A GOOD TIME FOR ALL, PLEASE JOIN US, YOU WILL LOVE IT.

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