New Creation = Burden Bearers

What in the world is going on? Why is Pastor Matt blogging on Tuesday and what’s up with this ‘New Creation’ stuff? If you missed yesterday, start here. If you did already, or don’t have the energy to click here then keep reading and/or be thankful this post isn’t about laziness!


A Second way new creations interact with each is they Bear each other’s Burdens. Galatians 6:2 is crystal clear: “Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.” Followers of Jesus don’t bear burdens for each other in order to make God like them more. No, no. That has already been fulfilled by Jesus. This ‘law’ (the fact that God TOTALLY loves you completely already!), however, plays itself out in the believer’s life by seeking to walk with another believer with a burden they may be carrying.

A genuine follower of Jesus understands that the law has been totally fulfilled by Jesus. Their ‘burden’ has been totally lifted and paid for. They are completely and eternally right with God the Father. This reality sets them free to live for others. They aren’t looking to see how others can bear their burdens. No, no. They are free from this due to their relationship with Christ. They are living to help others’ burdens be lifted and carried. Jesus came to bear our burdens so that we could live and thrive. His followers – those who have His Spirit living within them – now live with that exact same mentality. Christians are fulfilled and taken care of by Jesus. They aren’t constantly looking to be fulfilled by others; rather, they are looking to how they can help others endure and thrive.

Think of it this way: When speaking of why spouses cheat, I’ve heard this phrase: “When the home fires aren’t burning, they go looking somewhere else to get warm.” The point? When fulfillment ain’t happening at home, spouses go looking elsewhere for it. When a follower of Jesus is “keeping in step with the Spirit” and is looking to Jesus – alone – to be their Savior and God, their need for attention and love and care gets fulfilled. They are free to live for others, not themselves. But when those ‘needs’ are being sought outside of Jesus . . . uh oh.

So. . .

Evaluate the last week of your life. Do you spend more time hoping someone will notice your burdens or do you look more for burdens others are carrying?

Do you have a network of close Christian friendships that allows you to know about burdens others are carrying?

Why is it – do you think – that most church people put on a mask and refuse to allow others to see their burdens?

How can churches more effectively cultivate a culture of healthy vulnerability with one another?


4 thoughts on “New Creation = Burden Bearers

  1. Sarah says:

    Comments on the four questions (1)Now, at this “older” period of my life, I spend more time looking for burdens others are carrying. It wasn’t always this way. (2) Yes, I do have a network of close Christian friendships for which I am very grateful, not gossipers. (3) Some people are just very private by nature. Maybe others put on a mask and refuse to allow others to see their burdens because they are afraid to appear weak and out of control. Once, I knew someone who went out on a limb to share a burden and insensitive people cut it off. (4) Can’t thing of but one short answer to what the church can do. It begins with the leaders, and I think we have a good start.

  2. Ilene harral says:

    Pride can keep us private, but most people really don’t want to hear about our woes anyway. They are busy and prefer to see our smiles and hear we are OK. Remember the old tag line, “Aren’t you glad you asked?” They probably won’t ever ask how you are again! Ha. We can see them looking away and hurrying along.

    Precious few can stand to hear of and really help with our burdens. Jesus will be there for us always! And we are greatly blessed when we also have a loving spouse and a good friend or two. Even more blessed are those who still have loyal parents. What a lot of thanks to give Thursday!

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