New Creation = Word Lovers

We’re taking a break from the normal routine to talk about what a new creation looks like according to Galatians 6. Day 1 is here and Day 2 is right here.

A Third distinction of a new creation is being a Lover of the Word.


Verse 6 of Galatians 6 says, “One who is taught the word must share all good things with the one who teaches.”

What does THAT mean? I’m glad you asked.

It means those who are taught the Word of God every week need to give all their good things to the one who teaches. And I live at this address. . .

Okay, okay. I’m teasing. . . Sort of.

Here’s what is really going on: A new creation in Christ has a new and fixed relationship with the God of the universe. A new creation longs to know their new heavenly Father more and more and more. How do you do that? By learning the Word! A new creation loves to read and be taught the Word! Therefore, he or she wants to make sure the one teaching the Word has ample time and energy to prepare to teach. How can a new creation do that? By sharing their resources.

This is Paul’s way of saying, “Demonstrate your love for the Word by doing for the preacher/teacher what is necessary so he can adequately and appropriately teach the Word.”

Today, in most churches, this is done through the giving of tithes to a pre-approved church annual budget. In other words, if you don’t give a portion of your resources (‘share all good things’) to the church – preachers’ will have to get another job. If they get another job, time and energy in the study will be robbed. When time and energy in the study is robbed – the efficiency of the teaching of the Word will weaken.

Do you see the ripple effect?

Do you demonstrate your love for the Word by eagerly giving to the church so the Word can continue to advance throughout our city?

Do you demonstrate your love for the Word by respecting, honoring, and appreciating your Sunday School teacher for taking the time to prepare? 

Do you demonstrate your longing to learn more by praying for your pastor as he prepares and before he preaches?

Do you demonstrate your love for the Word by going to bed early on Saturday night in order to be alert and ready to go on Sunday morning?

Do you demonstrate your love for the Word by personally studying it during the week? 

Do you love the Word of God? How does your life demonstrate that?




One thought on “New Creation = Word Lovers

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