Throw It Out There Thursday!

Today we’re back on track of “Throwin’ Out There a Whole Lotta Lottie!” Yep – it’s that day of the week (Thursday) during that time of year (Christmas).

What’s that? . . . “Who’s Lottie?” you ask . . .

I’ve talked about her on the blog here, here, and here. You can track down all you’ve ever wanted to know (and more) here. I even preached a message Sunday on why we need to give her a whole bunch of money here.


Wanna read about her? This book is available for $2.99 on Kindle right now. Chapter 4 alone (the one on Lottie) is worth far more than the price of the book. (Why are you reading inside the parenthesis right now? Seriously. Click on the link and buy the book. . . NOW!)

Not only was Lottie an amazing tool in the hands of our fascinating God to reach lost men and women in China; and not only has God continued to use her over the decades to get more and more missionaries on the field overseas; but Lottie challenges Christians to this day with what she said and wrote.

Consider these statements as you pray about giving a Whole Lotta to Lottie this year:

“Why should we not … instead of the paltry offerings we make, do something that will prove that we are really in earnest in claiming to be followers of him who, though he was rich, for our sake became poor?”

Tungchow, China – Sept. 15, 1887

“Is not the festive season when families and friends exchange gifts in memory of The Gift laid on the altar of the world for the redemption of the human race, the most appropriate time to consecrate a portion from abounding riches and scant poverty to send forth the good tidings of great joy into all the earth?”

Tungchow, China – Sept. 15, 1887

“Thirty miles from Pingtu city is a gold mine. Nestled close among low-lying hills are two foreign houses and the buildings over the mine. Several American miners are there in the employ of the Chinese government. These men are living a hard, dull, isolated life, in a remote region, far from home and friends, with the sole purpose of worldly gain. So much for the devotees of Mammon. One cannot help asking sadly, why is love of gold more potent than love of souls? The number of men mining and prospecting for gold in Shantung is more than double the number of men representing Southern Baptists! What a lesson for Southern Baptists to ponder.”

Pingtu, China – Feb. 9, 1889

“How many there are … who imagine that because Jesus paid it all, they need pay nothing, forgetting that the prime object of their salvation was that they should follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ in bringing back a lost world to God.”

Tungchow, China – Sept. 15, 1887

Will you commit to give as much (or more!) to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering as you spend on Christmas gifts this year?


One thought on “Throw It Out There Thursday!

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