Throw It Out There Thursday!

Today – as I continue to throw out a whole Lotta Lottie, I want to share 4 stories that have happened at FBC over the past 7 days. . . These stories will bless you.


#1. A young boy – 10 years old – whom I owed a $10 gift card to for quoting a verse of Scripture in front of the entire church – told me Sunday morning after the service, “Pastor Matt, please give that $10 bucks you owe me to Lottie.”



#2. An 8 year old girl – I was told by her parents – on the Sunday I preached about Lottie, told her mom and dad that she didn’t want or need a new IPad Mini for Christmas. She told them to take that money and give it to Lottie.



#3. The Monday after I preached the sermon on Lottie, a gentleman asked me if I always meant what I said from the pulpit (he was referring to the comment I made about shaving my beard for half the amount given for David Ortiz’s). He then proceeded to inform me that he would give $5500 to Lottie if I would shave it! Here’s a pic of the ‘Shaved Matt.’



#4. Yesterday morning a gentleman came to my office and handed me a check and said – “Someone gave Lottie $5500 for you to shave it? Well I’ll give $10,000 to Lottie if you grow it back!” It’s coming back baby.



Who’s Next?



2 thoughts on “Throw It Out There Thursday!

  1. Mike Weaver says:

    Pastor Matt….Thank you so very much for your heart for missions and for seeing Lottie front row and center in your church. Any way you could challenge your cohorts in other churches to rise up to this same level of challenge? With this sort of momentum $175 million will be a “piece of cake”!!! Blessings for a very Merry Christmas!
    Mike and Kathy Weaver
    Peru (17 and a half years)
    Presently American Peoples’ Affinity
    Connection Strategists living in Newnan, GA

    PS. Tell my fellow ASU Indian (Red Wolf) Bro. Tony Weston “hello” from us. I am a 1971 grad of ASU and met my wife Kathy (Fordyce girl) there

  2. […] the final ‘Throwin Out a Whole Lotta Lottie.’ Just in case this, this, this, this, this, or this hasn’t been enough for you – let me add one more thing. . […]

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