Five @ Free Flow Friday!

Happy Friday Everyone!!!!images

12 days until Christmas! Have you finished your shopping? Have you given at least as much as you spent on Christmas presents to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering? Have you bought my gift yet?

If you are all caught up and have nothing to do this weekend, below are some articles I think might interest you.


#1. Why Switchfoot Won’t Sing Christian Songs by Jon Foreman

You see, a song that has the words: ‘Jesus Christ’ is no more or less ‘Christian’ than an instrumental piece. (I’ve heard lots of people say Jesus Christ and they weren’t talking about their redeemer.) You see, Jesus didn’t die for any of my tunes. So there is no hierarchy of life or songs or occupation only obedience. We have a call to take up our cross and follow. We can be sure that these roads will be different for all of us. Just as you have one body and every part has a different function, so in Christ we who are many form one body and each of us belongs to all the others. Please be slow to judge ‘brothers’ who have a different calling.”

VERY intriguing read. What do YOU think?


#2. No Criminal Charges for Jameis Winston but Nothing to be Proud Of by Kevin Scarbinsky

Winston may not have committed a crime that December night in 2012, but neither did he and a couple of friends distinguish themselves.

You can say boys will be boys. Isn’t it better to be a man?

Yes, Kevin Scarbinsky, yes it is. 


#3. The Dude’s Guide to Christmas by Darrin Patrick

Remember your presence, not just the presents
Don’t play on your phone when you should be watching your kids enjoying the stuff you bought them. If you are off from work, refuse to check email and texts from the office. Your family needs you to be all in and totally there.

GREAT suggestions for guys. Any others YOU can think of?


#4. Six Ways Millennials are Shaping the Church by Thom Rainer

The Millennials’ desires for relationships are affecting the churches they choose to attend. They will only go to churches where they can easily connect with others. Unlike the Boomers, they refuse to be worship-only attendees. They desire to be in more relational settings. Churches with healthy groups will be very attractive to Millennials.

What trends have YOU noticed???


#5 The Gospel in an LGBT World by Peyton Jones

When someone from the LGBT community walks through the doors of the church, our approach is crucial. If our first thought is, Are you going to stop ‘that’ and change? we become spiritual TSA agents. Hypocritical ones, too—erecting moral metal detectors and demanding people empty out certain banned sins before we let them fly.

And to be honest, isn’t homosexuality the only sin that we make a barrier right from the start? We preach God’s grace and explain that God will receive, forgive, and cleanse. We emphasize that they’ve been given the righteousness of Christ, and that sanctification will follow along their journey. But for many Christians, with homosexuality the change needs to happen yesterday. But as Jesus told the Pharisees, we shut the door of the kingdom in people’s faces.”

I have had a LOT of feedback since posting this article on Monday. After reading the one posted above, what are some additional thoughts some of you are having?


4 thoughts on “Five @ Free Flow Friday!

  1. Rodney Wimberly says:

    “…Back then, reading the gospels as a new convert, Jesus struck me as a radical. I was convinced that if Jesus had come today, he’d hang out with those who had AIDS.

    ‘After all, they had been ostracized like modern day lepers. The Jesus I read about was always on the wrong side of popular religious opinion. He alienated the “righteous” because of his proximity to the broken. He was the “friend of sinners.” He broke taboos spiritual, racial, and social.”


  2. Jennifer Wylie says:

    There are 3 quotes that resonate with me —

    Quote #1 — I find myself wanting more and more to just be the presence of Christ without putting myself (or others) in a box, allowing the life of Christ to speak through me however He chooses, even if that means there are no words.

    Quote #5 — I want to be with those who are broken and bruised while also needing strong and deep connections with fellow believers (who are, of course, themselves also broken and bruised).

    Quote #4 — All of this can be hard to do in our American churches today and perhaps the reason we are seeing an increase in the development of organic fellowships.

  3. J.B. says:

    Umm, that’s weird. I read that same Switchfoot article last weekend. I think I may have tweeted it. Great read!

  4. Libby says:

    Article #5 hit the nail on the head! I hope many read it!

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