Throw It Out There Thursday!


This Thursday marks the final ‘Throwin Out a Whole Lotta Lottie.’ Just in case thisthis, this, this, this, or this hasn’t been enough for you – let me add one more thing. . .

Okay, 10 more things.

IN CASE you are still wondering if giving as much (or more!) to Lottie as you spend on Christmas gifts this year is worth it . . . Here are 10 MORE reasons (from Commission Stories) to persuade you:

10 Things That Happen Because You Give to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering:

1. Find creative ways to share scripture where there are no Bibles (no translation or illegal to have).

2. Reach the hard, harder and hardest places with the Gospel.

3. Present the Gospel to an estimated 1.4 million individuals in one year.

4. Sing praises to God for the first time in an indigenous language.

5. Take the Gospel to the ends of the earth … err, ocean?

6. Work side-by-side and train national partners.

7. Baptize more than 266,000 new believers in a single year.

8. Start more than 24,000 churches.

9. Work with YOU to engage a lost world.

10. Show Jesus’ love and compassion by meeting human needs.

Click here to read explanations and read the entire article.

When you and I give to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering – it literally is used of God to change the world by radically pushing back darkness with the Light of Gospel of Jesus.


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