Throw It Out There Thursday!

I’m gonna Throw A LOT Out There Today. . . A. LOT.

A “Wow!”images

A “Whoah!”

& an “Oh My Goodness!”

The “Wow!”

Although the final tally has yet to be configured – FBC El Dorado far surpassed our Lottie Moon Christmas Offering Goal! With more coming in, as of early this week you gave more than $125,000.00!!!!


Thank you! Because you gave, this is happening. . .



The “Whoah!”

I am Throwing This Out There because I need some MAJOR prayer support.

As of this moment, myself – along with three other FBCers (Craig Bonsall, Ryan Jackson, and Chris Lutman) are scheduled to leave for a 10 day trip to South India on January 11th, 2014. The purpose of the trip? Mainly to identify an Unreached and Unengaged People Group (UUPG) for FBC to embrace over the long haul – to see them come to faith in Christ.

Here’s the deal: We sent our applications for our Visa’s 3 months ago. . . We still don’t have them. That’s right. We leave 10 days from now and we don’t have our Visa’s in our hands yet. Whoah! We are doing all WE can to get them to us prior to departure date. But we need our great God to make this thing happen.

I’m Throwing Out the fact that I NEED PRAYER!!! Will you go to the Father on our behalf??

The “Oh My Goodness!”

This Sunday morning I plan to share with FBC something I believe God has given us to lead us into the days ahead. It’s a prayer someone prayed for our church in 1945 – at our 100th anniversary celebration:

“Bring to us a revived nobility of daring that shall see us making known the commanding claims of Christ here and everywhere.” 

Oh My Goodness!

I believe this prayer will be answered during our generation. Please make plans NOW to find a seat at 10:15 am in the sanctuary at FBC and come expecting to see and hear God lead us into the future through His Word and Spirit.


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