Throw It Out There Thursday!

You prayed.

I asked you to – and you did.

I asked you to ask God for us – and He answered.


Yesterday morning I got a call that 3 of the Passports (with visas!) were in El Dorado and the 4th would be here in time for our departure on Saturday.


I will never ceased to be amazed at God’s commitment to His promise to have all the nations of the earth worship Him!

This goes without saying, but the “Fab Four from FBC” will be boarding a plane this Saturday morning bound for South Asia – where we will be for 10 days.

Based on the fact that your pastor will be out of the country for 2 Sunday’s – here’s what I want to “Throw Out There” this Thursday:

First, you don’t want to miss church!

This Sunday – January 12th – the hardest decision you will make is where to corporately worship. FBC sanctuary or El Dorado High School auditorium? Kevin Black will be back – filling in for me – behind the pulpit at our main campus for Sunday AM worship at 10:15. What’s better than Kevin Black speaking and Tony Weston w/the FBC choir leading music? Apart from the guest preacher (and the youth being out), everything in the sanctuary will be like a ‘normal’ Sunday service. Brady and the students, on the other hand, will be wrapping up Reality Check weekend at the El Dorado High School auditorium by having a worship service there at 10:15 am. That service will definitely be geared more towards the teenagers. Should be awesome!

And NEXT Sunday – January 19th – Brady Canright will be preaching – filling in for me – at the main campus sanctuary at 10:15 AM. If you’ve ever heard Brady preach, you know he does a TREMENDOUS job.

Second, my being away from church 2 Sundays reminds me of something I want to make sure you are aware of. When you can’t be at church on a particular Sunday – you can still tithe!!! I wrote about how here. In short, don’t forget that you can make sure your tithe gets to FBC every week by setting it up SUPER fast and easy through your local bank (just like you do with your regular bills). You can set it up where you never miss a Sunday – even when you miss a Sunday! Get it?

Thanks in advance for your prayers while we are in India. I will do my best to give updates when/if possible!



2 thoughts on “Throw It Out There Thursday!

  1. Linda Whatley says:


    I/we will miss you so much while you are out. You are an inspiration on many levels. Thanks for all you do. You have been prayed for–you are being prayed for–you will be prayed for. Be safe. God is faithful.


  2. jayne says:

    Praise the Lord….praying for a safe trip……..

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