Five @ Free Flow Friday!

It’s Friday I heart Fridays.


Tomorrow I leave for India – where there’s weird food. I also heart Food. Especially American food – pray for me.

Food is a tremendous gift from the Lord. But just like anything else – for me it can also be taken to dangerous extremes.

Below are five articles I have come across in recent days related to food, drink, and exercise. Read ’em if you dare. Let them be used to make you and those around you better. Then let me know what you think.

#1. Eating, Body Image, and the Gospel by Amie Patrick

Two months into my freshmen year of college, I was forced to admit something had gone terribly wrong with the way I related to food. I’d gained 30 pounds in that short time, double the stereotypical ‘Freshman 15’ some students gain over the course of an entire school year. Deep down I knew my weight gain wasn’t only the result of unhealthy cafeteria food or insufficient exercise. I was eating constantly and compulsively for reasons I didn’t understand—and I couldn’t stop. I felt completely condemned and paralyzed with embarrassment, which I knew wasn’t helpful or biblical, but I had no idea how to think otherwise. I was stuck.”

#2. All Kinds of Gluttons by Rebecca VanDoodewaard

“These days, even the White House is worried about how big Americans are getting. In the west, we weigh significantly more per person than any other generation anywhere in the history of the world.  Healthcare professionals, educators and parents are all concerned. There are heaps of initiatives to address the problem before ‘we are all physically touching each other all the time,’ as Jerry Seinfeld quipped.

Thing is, almost nobody is seeing the fat issue as an expression of a heart issue: an idolatry of food. That’s what gluttony is, whether or not our BMI is over 30. Because gluttony is a heart issue, it’s not just overweight people who are sinning here. There are all sorts of ways to be gluttonous while maintaining a socially acceptable figure. Here are a few . .

#3. Confessions of an Obese Christian by Thom Rainer

I am a Christian. Some may say I am a Christian leader. Some people look to me as an example. Frankly, I have been a poor example, a poor witness. I have had a lifestyle of sin of gluttony and slothfulness. I have no right to be a leader, if I am one, with the awful model that I am and have been.”

#4. Dealing with Alcoholism by Ed Stetzer 

It appears that views of alcohol are changing among some evangelicals. Probably more people took notice of this when Moody changed its alcohol policy, but it’s broader than that. I’ve had conversations about it with Wesleyans in Canada, Baptists in Texas, and Pentecostals in Oklahoma—all of them see a shift in attitude.”

#5. 5 Ways Physical Training Helps with Spiritual Training by Ron Edmondson

One would have to be living under a rock to not know we have grown larger as a people in the United States. Obesity is a growing concern in our nation. And, few in the church have bothered with the issue or even seen it as a problem. We have no problem addressing issues such as greed or guilt, but seldom do we approach the word gluttony. Yet, in my opinion, and experience, how I feel physically almost always impacts my spiritual life.”


A tremendous book relating to some of these issues discussed here is Gary Thomas’ Every Body Matters: Strengthening Your Body to Strengthen Your Soul


2 thoughts on “Five @ Free Flow Friday!

  1. Connie says:

    Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

  2. jlsbellows says:

    Good info Matt.  Have a successful and safe trip! Take probiotics with you to prevent intestional upset.  Just a suggestion.  😉

    Jan Bellows



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